Saturday, September 16, 2017

Laneige Two Tone Tint Lip Bar #03 Tint Mint

As I felt a bit bad of my impression on Two Tone Lip Bar,
I ventured to the latest Two Tone Tint Lip Bar.
This lipstick is introduced as a moisturizing tint.
I picked #03 Tint Mint because of the famous Lee Sung Kyung's color.
Two Tone Tint Lip Bar's bullets are very colorful,
suitable for energetic girl.

Just looking at the bullet gives me energy.
Tint Mint is a mix between mint green and orange-pink color.
I think the color looks like Two Tone Lip Bar Juicy Pop a bit.

Color variations (Sung Kyung picked no.#03 & #08):

Tint Mint ingredients:

The Two Tone Tint Lip Bar expresses natural gradation
by combining the features of defining tint
and moisturizing lip balm.

1. It is a defining tint and moisturizing lip balm at the same time.
2. Effortlessly lovely two-tone gradation.
3. The ingredients and technology of Lip Sleeping Mask.

I'm bad at explaining things.
So let's get straight to the point.
This is the box.
A small one, I think.

I'm very sorry that all pictures are out of focus.
The cap is pink, looks like a toy.

The bottom color is the same as the main bullet's color.

Picture of closer look at how long the bullet is.

And then, comparison with Two Tone Lip Bar #11 Juicy Pop:

The two of them are in the same lenght and width.
Only color differences.
Tint Lip Bar has pink theme in overall packaging.
And Tint Mint pink main color looks very similar to Juicy Pop main color.
Look here:

Left is Tint Mint, right is Juicy Pop.
The pink colors are same, right?
It's just that, the Two Tone Tint is more moisturizing in texture.
And the Tint version is mixed with transparent color, so it creates a pink color.
Meanwhile, Juicy Pop is more orange, because the mixer color is yellow.

In term of texture on lips, this is very similar to Two Tone Lip Bar.
Sometimes, it will show dry lips.
But I guess the Tint Bar is moisturizing my lips very well,
instead of Two Tone Lip Bar series.
Maybe because it has the formula as its Lip Sleeping Mask.

It has sweet candy scent too.
Smell likes cherry or so?
The lip balm helps creating natural gradation on lips and blur the tint well.
Doesn't have strong scent and taste,
definitely suit my preferrence.
I do like the quality of this Two Tone Tint,
rather than the previous series.
It helps moisturizing my lips too!

Oh, and I had colored my hair again.
This time, with Mise En Scene 7N.
Look forward for my review on it!
It just enlighten my natural hair color, though...
I will color it again in 10G before going to Hong Kong in November later.
I must go in lighter hair, it's a must!

+ Moisturizing lip tint & lip balm.
+ Pop out and bright color.
+ Easily creates gradation.
+ The bullet is thin so it fits my bag and very light despite the long size.
+ The main color stays very long as it is a lip tint.
+ Doesn't create wrong gradation even though the lip balm is filled with main color.
+ Long size!
- Expensive though...
- Will emphasize dry lips.

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