Sunday, April 2, 2017

Kose Visee Avant Multi Stick Color #004 Blossom ヴィセ アヴァン マルチスティックカラー

Back with Visee Avant's latest product for spring / summer 2017.
This is a multi stick for eyeshadow, blusher, and lipstick.
I picked no.4 Blossom because I love coral color more than pink!

The Multi Stick Color I chose is 004 Blossom.
I chose a warmer color, or coral to suit my taste.
Color variations below:

The claims:
1. With only one product, can be used on cheeks as a blusher, matte as a lipstick, and eyeshadow. It is a multi stick that gives a soft complexion with a single paint.
2. Natural and sexy, depending on color. Finishing makeup in one tone completes the feeling of unity.
3. Using carefully selected light powder. Just blend with fingertips to get the color on skin for beautiful finish. It is like a transparent color of a lace.
4. Fit lightly when being touched and continue to create a fresh finish.
5. Can be used as an eyebase or on top for glossy finish.
6. No fragrance.
7. Solution Componen (Hyaluronic acid, Mineral oil) (moisturizing)
8. Pure Gold (Natural Stereoscopic effect).

Well, I don't know what it means by pure gold in the ingredients?
This look is using #004 Blossom and Marbling Eye Color #002 Night Safari (Lip is using Oil in Liptint #005):

More article on Japanese website :

So this is the actual product on my hands:

I think Japanese like black packaging for mature ladies priority, such as ADDICTION or KATE.

On the above box, it is the actual color of Blossom.

And this is made in Japan, unlike the Marbling Eye Color, which is made in Italy.

How's the product? It is a stick type multi purpose cream.

See? The bullet color is represented by the box.

Visee Avant Multi Stick Color's bullet is very long. Maybe because it is a multi purpose stick? I feel it is worth the price.

It has small glitters, like its bullet. But don't worry. Because on skin, it won't look glittery, but glowing.

I was using the Multi Stick Color on eyecrease, cheeks, nose, and lips. Forgive my very dry skin recently.

It is not suitable for lips.
The texture is very dry and it can be seen by the rough bullet. It reminds me of Korean multi purpose cream.
But as a blusher! It is very good!!
It stays a long time on cheeks and eyecreases, but not on lips.

Wearing Blossom as eyeshadow, blusher, lipstick. You can see crack lips! And it doesn't moisturized my lips, unlike usual Japan & Korean lip products that works on me.

If used on lips, it will be similar to old Etude House Sweet Recipe CupCake All Over Color.
Very dry and emphasized flaky area.
Because of the dry texture and long bullet, the bullet doesn't get melted easily.

And here, only using Blossom as eyeshadow on upper lid and cheeks. But with Canmake Stay on Balm Rouge #5, my face doesn't look pale. Added a bit glittery eyeshadow from Etude's Berry Delicious mint color so it looks like spring makeup look by leaf and flower colors..

And here, only as a blusher. I tried different makeup look for more mature & bold type. Oh and this type of bangs... I'm very interested by watching Nishiuchi Mariya in "Totsuzen desu ga, Ashita Kekkon-shimasu". Though my arrangement is a bit more mature by showing more "deko=forehead"-.

Doesn't have scent and taste, which is very good for me.
What so good if it is used as an eyeshadow is, because it doesn't settle onto my crease line.
Most of creamy texture shadow / foundation will create an obvious crease line.
But Multi Stick Color definitely stays quietly on skin.
As I have wrote, the glitter isn't visible on skin.

+ Cute coral pink.
+ Can be used perfectly on eyes & cheeks.
+ The glitter is not creating too showy face, but it creates a good shine.
+ Doesn't have scent & taste.
+ The bullet is longer than most lipstick.
+ Long staying power on cheeks & eyes.
+ Creates glossy finish eyeshadow on top on another color.
+ Can be used as eyecolor base too! It will turn powdery.
+ Creates a natural makeup look with feminity.
- Expensive.
- Not suitable for lips, must use lipbalm first.
- Very dry and not moisturizing the inner lips well.

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