Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Etude House Precious Mineral BB (Beautifying Block) Cream Moist #21 Petal with SPF50+ / PA+++

I dare myself to try Etude House new BB cream.
I have the Precious Mineral Bright Fit & Cotton Fit previously.
But I dislike the finishing. They are too grey-ish and unfitting to skin.
Then, I'm a bit interested in this Moist type, a renewal of Blooming Fit
I first wanted to buy #19 Vanilla, but it was sold out so I must buy the #21 Petal.

It has moisture finish,
whitening + sunblock + anti-wrinkle + anti-darkening,
fine dust + UV protection + multi-protection.
Can cover blemish & pores lightly.
Protecting skin from external environment. 
The BB cream here means beautifying & block.
Perfect block & brighten face to achieve clean & clear skin as if being covered in reflective membrane.
Even out skintone for smooth & bright skin with 24 hours coverage.
Used for normal & dry skin.

Two types available, the matte type for oily skin and moist type for normal & dry skin.
My skin is very dry so I'd prefer the moist type. Although I also like matte finish in some occassion.
The "vanilla" & "petal" are for pink base skintone, "beige" for yellow, and "sand" & "tan" for neutral finish.

The tube now is slim and compact without too many picture.
I think it is now simple, modern, and look cheaper than before. But I also like the simple design.
Comes with SPF50+ / PA+++ that will give UV protection to skin.
The cap is turnover type, only need 2 turns to open it.

Resulting in glowing skin after blending all on the back of my hand. I think the BB cream now is more pink-tone than grey.

First, I applied on my face with just my fingers, when I had many blemishes due to stress & hormone.
I went to Taman Safari Indonesia (zoo) and Pasar Apung Sentul (outdoor restaurants) to dinner for the entire day, without touch-up.
Even though that's the first time I wore the BB cream alone without primer,
it stayed on my skin the entire day without melting!
The scent and texture is similar to "Precious Mineral Cotton Fit".
But I approved it is the upgraded version old Precious Mineral range and of stiff "Blooming Fit".

Left : bare face & very ugly acnes came out. Right : After putting the BB cream. Clean & covered.

This is the result after more than 12hrs going outdoor. A bit cracked around nose & lips. But still unvisible from far. Forgive the panda eyes. I lacked sleep for the entire 2 days before going outdoor for the whole day.

Then, I applied with Shiseido Brush.
It was evenly applied without showing enlarged pores.
I think I will continue to use it with brush for evenly finish result.
But it still feels sticky, like most of Etude's cream.
Although it is sticky, I can consider it a decent BB cream because it stays for a long time.

Of course my neck & face color is darker than my hand.

UPDATE! : Best used with sponge so it will stick well and have lighter texture.

+ Stays for a long time without smudging. Only a bit cracking around nose and can be spread by finger to fix.
+ Doesn't irritate skin.
+ Cheap with large tube.
+ The finish is dewy but not creating oily skin. It is almost a semi-matte if not glowing.
+ Texture is lighter than Cotton Fit.
+ Doesn't emphasize pores.
+ The color will turn fit to my own skin. But it is for pink base I think.
- Still has oily texture that is hard to spread evenly. Should use something like sponge to blend well. But it will settle unto skin after 15 minutes.
- Not recommended for oily skin because it is thick & heavy than most BB cream. Still prefer Japan BB Cream for light & smooth finish.
- There are many BB cream can replace this. I think it is not the best BB cream in the world.


  1. Hi what's the brand for the Japan BB cream that you mentiones on the review?

    1. Hi, there are a lot of good BB creams from Japan. The consistency is much more natural than Korean, fit to skin. But I don't prefer one from Canmake though. My favorite BB creams are from Kanebo Kate and Isehan Kiss Me Heroine brand.