Thursday, April 6, 2017

Innisfree Water Fit Cushion #C21 Pink Beige with SPF34 / PA++

Bought this at Innisfree first day launching in Indonesia.
There are two kinds of BB cushion available : Long Wear Cover Cushion and Water Fit Cushion.
I chose Water Fit since I have very dry skin.
It is hard to search about this cushion on net because it is not available anymore at the Korean website.
I can only find it at the Innisfree World website.

As the picture above suggested, there are 4 colors available completely in store.
I don't want to look white because Innisfree's earlier cushion is like that.
So I picked in #C21 or cool, pink beige color.
Even though this cushion is not as white as my previous Ampoule Intense Cushion, the C21 fits my skin perfectly.

I chose this black case from My Cushion Case because my other cushion cases are mostly in pink or white:

Sadly, the latest sakura & pink spring edition case have not come in here yet.

This is when I bought them as a separate product. You can change the case or the refill according to your own wishes.

So, what is the claims?
This Water Fit Cushion has deep hydrating with Jeju Green Tea water that fills deep hydration into your skin and fits perfectly as if your own skin.
When applied, it leaves a clear healthy glow.

And this is after opening the box. An empty light plastic case that can fit cushion & its puff.
What it is
1. Real Jeju Green Tea for moisturizing:
Real Jeju Green Tea immediately and fully hydrates your skin to make it clean and vivid.

2. A slim-fitting effect with a single touch:
The slim-fitting effect helps foundation fit lightly and tightly onto your skin with just one touch.

3. A smooth skin feeling light and refreshed:
The light and refreshing oil helps create smooth skin without stickiness.
What else you need to know
A triple function
[sun protection + wrinkle improvement + whitening]

SPF34 PA++
How to use
Use puff to evenly smooth over face in the stage of foundation and gently pat to finish.
Reapply by gently patting whenever desired.

After that, let's see what kind of cushion it is.

Even though I think the case is black, it's not a deep black.
The color is velvet black! It is much softer than what I imagined.

Zoom for ingredients!

And again, a separate product before I put the refill inside its case.

Done with replacing the refill. The case looks stiff, though! Nevermind, I finally got myself a dark-colored cushion case as a change of mind.

I think the puff doesn't have any difference with the old puff. Stiff, not smooth, but still works good enough on patting evenly.

And the scent! It is lovely. It's still a herbal fragrance, but this time, since it has Jeju Green Tea, the scent is more refreshing. Like, it is a mixed between Innisfree Green Tea Serum and herbal mint.

Color swatch:
Left : I have blended the most right part. But keeps a few drops of cream in the middle.
Right : Blended all cream. Give a healthy glow, not too oily.

I think #C21 fits my skin perfectly. It doesn't show too white or too grey.
It has pink finish, same as the Pink Beige label.
Gives me natural glow that's not over oily.

I have serious breakouts lately.
Acne came in everywhere on the right cheek. I think it's due to stress and hormone.
It doesn't give much coverage for serious acne mark.
But it does even out my skin redness and dullness, covering some uneven skin surface too. The scent doesn't stay long, unlike Etude House Moist Any Cushion.
It has semi-matte finish. Matte when touched and a little glowing.

But I love every Innisfree product, including this.
The Ampoule Intense Cushion is more dewy than Water Fit.
But Water Fit has the right color on my skin.

It stays a long time too.
I wore this without primer or skincare since 8 AM for tax course on Saturday until 5 PM.
Then went to meet up with my friends until 9.30 PM, with sweat all over my body to get there, without re-touch.
It doesn't smudge, doesn't create dots (clump) like a few BB cream / cushion I have.
Thanks to my dry skin, I don't need touch-up.
Just leave a cracked cream around nose, but unvisible if you don't see it up close.
This cushion is really good.
I recommend it for all dry skin people!

+ Fits on my skin perfectly without dry patches.
+ Not too white for my skin, like the previous cushion range.
+ The scent is more refreshing & sweet.
+ Doesn't give breakout even for sensitive skin like my sister's.
+ Stays long for more than 12 hours on my dry skin! I approved it.
+ The case can be replaced with many designs.
+ The price is mostly the same as online. And not as expensive as Laneige.
+ Coverage is low-medium.
+ Gives nice glowing, without looking too oily.
+ Doesn't create clumps like Mamonde Cover Powder for example or Sooryehan Bichaek Jadan.
+ Semi-matte finish so I think people with oily skin can use it too.
+ Has cooling effect when being patted on face skin.
- Coverage maybe too low.
- The color variation is too small. Only two per cool / warm skintone.

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