Sunday, April 9, 2017

Innisfree Real Fit Creamy Lipstick #10 Moonlight Coral

Innisfree Real Fit Creamy Lipstick is a moisture lipstick with high glossy gel base, makes lips look elastic and plump.
Its vivid and clear color makes lips look naturally lovely and attractive.
High fitting formula that covering lips with high gloss.
As high fitting formula covers lips, it helps its color to stay long.
I chose it in #10, Yoona's natural color in The K2 drama last year.

I had been interested in this lipstick since I watched Yoona's makeup tutorial in The K2.
It was suggested that she use this lipstick in #10.
A Moonlight Coral shade that is perfect for autumn.
I tried to buy through PO last year alongside the Mineral Single Shadow, but since the seller hadn't fill in the quota for Innisfree brand, it was rejected.
So I'm glad that Innisfree Indonesia distributed this range, although there is a new range already, the Real Fit Velvet Lipstick.

The color variations:

At first glance, it looks coral.
But it is a bit brown-ish.

Video of Yoona's makeup tutorial from Innisfree:

The case and bullet doesn't have difference with the Creammellow Lipstick.
I think Real Fit is the upgraded version in term of color vivid-ness and variations.


1. Moist and comfortable fit with botanical oil
Lightweight botanical oil gently and moistly fits on lips leaving a comfortable finish.

2. Vivid fit with a clear color
The clear color vividly fits on lips with a single touch without becoming patchy even when you reapply.

3. Vibrant fit with long-lasting moisture maintenance
Highly-adhesive polymer wraps oil elements in a transparent moisturizing layer to maintain a moist and vibrant color stay all day.


Apart from the bullet, Real Fit Lipstick has the same feeling when being swatched.
It is glossy and sticks well on lips.
But not creating dry patches.
It moisturized my lips well.
For staying power, I think it is the same too as Creammellow.
It can be erased, but if used only for drinking, it stays good.

When being applied, it gives a sweet scent.
But doesn't have taste and the scent will disappear in a few seconds.
Overall, it is the same lipstick as Creammellow, even the sweet scent!

Moonlight Coral is brown-ish coral color.
When I'm in a dark place, it will be bold brown color.
But under bright lighting, it is a dark coral.
 It is suitable for daily makeup, especially to a soft eye makeup look.
The brown-ish coral will emphasized your lips with softer color than red.

I don't know why it looks orange-y than brown or coral in every picture. I think the first lip picture is the most true because it contains coral color.

The price is around Rp 185k here so it doesn't get super pricey.
I would like to buy more soft and dark color later.
I like every Innisfree product.
But I'll be very happy if the Velvet Lipstick is also sold in here.
And I want to try the lipbalm too ^ ^

+ A dark version of natural shade that is perfect to emphasize lips in a softer look.
+ Moisturized my lips very well.
+ Doesn't emphasize dry area. At least on my dry lips.
+ Has sweet scent that is not annoying.
+ Not too expensive.
+ The color stays well if not being used while eating.
+ The bullet is sturdy despite the moisturizing finish.
+ Glossy finish and natural look.
+ Suitable for any skintone. The coral is dark anyway, and almost brown. 
- All Real Fit Creamy Lipstick colors are too dark for my taste. Still prefer Creammellow for soft makeup. But Creammellow doesn't get sold anymore if I go to the Korean website.
- Some might feel the finishing will create clumpy lipstick. But try to clean your lips well before re-applying.

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