Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Laneige Pure Radiant Shadow #6 Classy Mood

First post in 2017! I had rubella, yes that's a virus and we still had it, right before new year, plus one of my tooth was dead and hurting me for 2 days (because the pain reached my head, ear, tongue, and neck on right side). I cried a lot when it was 0 o'clock new year because of the pain, while the outside worlds celebrated for the coming new year with fireworks. It's all an old story now.

Classy Mood is a matte eyeshadow from Laneige. Actually, I'm not too satisfied with Laneige's Two Tone Shadow Bar because it disappeared and melting easily. But well, I thought of trying their powder eyeshadow to make sure if I will hate Laneige's shadow or not. Since this eyeshadow is pretty expensive, I had been waiting for a discount (wink).

As I have wrote earlier, I must wait for a discount to buy this eyeshadow. Since I have too many shimmery eyeshadows, especially from Japan, I chose the matte type.

This eyeshadow is a combination of four vibrant and sensational colors. Has ultra-fine, highly pigmented so it is crease-free and light but has excellent color payoff. It is moist with soft texture that contains bouncy elastic powder so it applies smoothly around the eyes.

The packaging is sleek in white square case. I think it is a bit boring. But the sponge applicator inside comes with a brush, so it can be used for intense blending.

I got 2014 production thanks to a sale. But I'm not someone who consider much of a expired date.

The powder shadows itself are matte without satin / glitter finish. That's what I've been searching.
 Meanwhile, there is a base color in soft beige, the crease color of warm brown, the lavender point color, and a dark brown. Every powder is very soft and smooth when I touch them.

Look on how hard I wished the color can come out. Each color was in more than 5 times swatch.

Under soft lighting. And the eyeshadows didn't come out well.  Just can see a slight warm brownish color even though I also put the lavender on lining area and the outer corner.

More intense swatching and blending. Still didn't come out! I like the lavender color so I wished it would be more intense.

But! I have difficulty pointing the warm soft brown (2) and the blue-ish lavender colors (3). They can't come out well even after I swatched more than 5 times for each color. I didn't expect it to be very sheer. As for applicator, the sponge type is hard and hurting when use for swatching. While the brush is still okay.

Here, I put little glittery shadow from KATE Dark Night Glow #PU-1 in orange-y highlight color on the middle. It is very little of it so can't be seen well.

One more disappointing fact about this eyeshadow palette is, blending the powder itching my eyes. After blending it on the outer corner of my eyes, it always gives me tears. To remove my tears, I wiped it with tissue and so, the eyeshadow also came off. What a pain, right? I think this palette doesn't suit me. But I can still use the brown color for shading.

With phone camera, I think the color can be captured more dark and true to real life:

+ All true matte powdery eyeshadow for those who likes matte finish.
+ Comes with a brush and sponge applicator, and a mirror. 
+ The brush can be used for blending well.
+ Soft and smooth powder, it is buttery.
- Very sheer and the color payoff is very minimum.
- Expensive.
- The sponge applicator is hard to the skin. 
- It can gives itch to the eyes. I think the formula is not suited for me. But this is the first time I've ever had this kind of problem by an eyeshadow. Even Daiso product doesn't give me itch. Not an unbearable itchy but still brings me to tears and the shadow will be disappeared.

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