Sunday, January 15, 2017

Canmake Perfect Multi Eyes #02 Urban Caramel

I seriously think I don't need to buy more eyeshadow. Because I have too many of it and I don't know when to applied all of them because I don't like applying eyeshadow everyday to work. But well, due to the discount again, I bought Perfect Multi Eyes in #02 Urban Caramel. It is called Perfect Multi Eyes because it can be used for eyeshadow, eyebrow and eyeliner.

According to Canmake website about Perfect Multi Eyes :

All you need for perfect eye make-up♥
Also ideal for eyebrow make-up and eyeliner. Glitter-free matte eyeshadow palettes.

The ultimate natural look, as though your eyes were always this big♥
● A glitter-free matte finish that imitates the texture of your skin. Melts into your skin, expressing natural nuances of shade.
● These palettes features five shadows in the same tone of brown, with varying degrees of brightness, making it simple to achieve a beautiful color gradation.
● Ideal for school, work, and those who prefer their make-up to look natural!
Although the effect isn't showy, these shadows create a crisp, neat look.
● They melt subtly into your skin, enhancing its beauty.
Stick to shadows in the same tone for flawless eye make-up♥
● No need to worry about clashing make-up!!! These palettes feature shadows in the same tone, so we recommend them not only as eyeshadows, but also for your eyebrow make-up and eyeliner as well♥ It's simple to achieve well-balanced make-up♪ Each palette contains shadows recommended for specific areas.
● Handy 3-in-1 function, so your make-up pouch won't be feel bulky♥
● Of course, you can use all of them as eyeshadows♥
Kind to your skin - make-up that conditions as you wear it♥
Contains 5 types of beautifying ingredients (moisturizing)
Jojoba seed oil, grapeseed oil, chamomile flower extract, horse chestnut seed extract, squalane 
 There are two colors theme as of 2016 availability, 01 Rose Chocolat (gentle reddish shade of brown. For a softly sophisticated impression) and 02 Urban Caramel (Versatile yellowish shades of brown. For a bright, natural impression). Since I couldn't find 01, I couldn't make a comparation and just grab 02 Urban Caramel.

When it is said to be matte, I found a tiny glitter on all of the powder shades. So, what it means about matte eyeshadow? Seriously, Japanese eyeshadows aren't called eyeshadow if not glittery.

See? It is shining with small glitters, right? But don't worry, it won't be too visible on skin.

Color payoff is pretty good, epecially for 3, the caramel color. I used as the ads suggested. Then for no.4 eyebrow color, it gives me a good shade to match the caramel brown. I also love the no.4 shade as eyebrow powder! And it is also can be used as another point color shadow!

I know you have expectations about the picture. But I couldn't take the real color and gradation! It is hard to capture sheer-colored eyeshadow. But the overall face picture below can explain the caramel color well:

I should've put on brow mascara to hide the black hairs. Still, in real life, the eyebrow powder gives enough color.

I didn't have problem with Perfect Multi Eyes #02 Urban Caramel. It is a shining caramel brown color that will suit everyday makeup. Even though it has tiny glitters, it doesn't show on eyes. The colors are very natural for everyday use and no one can notice me wearing an eyeshadow even though it does emphasized my eyes. It really shows a yellowish brown shade according to the website. The texture is very similar to Perfect Stylist Eyes and it is an improvement of Canmake's eyeshadow because I don't like Four Shiny Eyes. As for Eye Nuance, the texture is the same like any other powder eyeshadow and doesn't match Perfect Stylist Eyes. Still a good choice too.
Even though I have many brown eyeshadow, I've never had this kind of caramel (yellowish) shade. So I'm a bit satisfied. Especially for the eyebrow powder, it does coloring my brows to match the eyeshadow shade.

+ A yellowish warm tone caramel brown that will awake my eyes. It is very unique to me.
+ The glitters are tiny and it helps to give shine to the eyes. Only that, especially if you need to highlight the middle eyelid.
+ The gradation produced by this eyeshadow lasts a long time just as the Perfect Stylist Eyes.
+ A cheaper eyeshadow sold at drugstore.
+ It has eyebrow powder that will match the caramel shadow on eyes.
+ Color payoff is good, although it is specified for those who likes sheer and natural appearance.
+ The brush and sponge applicator is included and very useful. There's a tiny mirror too.
-  Doesn't have many color variation. I really wish Canmake ID would bring the Perfect Brown Eyes #06 Antique Khaki that is in hype now in Japan since autumn.


  1. Hey, would like to check, do you think this is suitable for oily and sensitive skin?

    1. I don't know about sensitive skin, but since it is a matte texture, I think it is appropriate for oily skin too.