Friday, January 27, 2017

Canmake Eye Nuance #32 Chocolat Apple

I'm back for Canmake again! I don't know how many eyeshadow I've bought from Canmake already, but I want to keep trying them. After this, I might buy the Secret Color Eyes too or Perfect Brown Eyes in #06 Antique Khaki, or maybe Perfect Stylist Eyes in #08 creaAntique Ruby. This is the second Eye Nuance I bought after #26 Caramel Biscuit. Eye Nuance's texture is powdery and easy to use even with only a finger, so I love it as a simple eyeshadow. I think Chocolat Apple doesn't create a simple gradation, am I right?

Eye Nuance is a trio eyeshadow contains polarizing pearl microparticle shadows lavishly, to give your eyes added translucence. As of January 2017, the chosen shade is no more than 4. Before, it have more options. I think this line will be off-produced around this or next year.

I really love the red eyeshadow. It is matte and very pigmented, unlike the usual Japanese eyeshadow. I think all of the color can show very well on my skin.

This is a magazine from Popteen's Jan 2017 issue for Christmas makeup. Do notice that even though it is a Jan issue, the magz is usually sold 1-2 months ahead so Christmas is still popular. The magazine says put red & brown color on the upper & lower eyelid using shadow tip. It can be done for only 30 secs!

Look above? The red is really a matte red color. It is somewhat similar to their Cream Cheek #CL01, but this one will stand for a long time rather than fading like Cream Cheek. Canmake's red is very consistent in their hues. A bit cool-toned but not strong enough for bold look. The brown shade has a hint of red when I put on my lid. And the highlight beige color has pink tone.

Only has three shades so it is easy to use and creating gradation. But the gradation can be complex thanks to the matching colors.

I must say that even though red is not for daily use, it is very unique and powerful. But if I applied sheer, it won't be too much for daily. This variant is useful to create ophero or sick makeup. I definitely recommend this shade for those who are brave enough to put red, want to try something new, and practical to Japanese trend of weird-gradation shadow. No, I mean cute. The powder is well pigmented and stays for long.

To create this look, I use highlight color as a base, then topped with brown shade on whole eyelids with a brush. Put the red powder around the eyeline with brush, create a winged shade and color the 1/3 lower eyelid as usual. Then put highlighting color again on the middle eyelid above and 2/3 lower eyelid to create plump eyes.

+ Easy to use powder that won't create patches or too much fallout.
+ Staying power is great. The red shade for winged shadow stays for a long time without smudging.
+ Well-pigmented even though I usually prefer sheer eyeshadow.
+ The three colors compliment each other and well-suited as a gradation.
+ Doesn't irittate my eyes.
+ Cheap price.
+ The brown shade has red hint and perfect as a stand alone shadow / main color too.
+ If applied sheer, it can be used for daily.
- The red shadow can be too much for a few people.
- Even though it is pigmented, I don't think it can show enough on darker skintone, especially if using brown as the maincolor. 

Applying sheer for work. It is not too much, right?

And bold look for going out.

HAPPY CNY 2017 everyone! I hope the new year will bring properity again.

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