Friday, January 20, 2017

Canmake Strong Eyes Liner #02 Sweet Brown

I must say, I rarely buy eyeliner because I can't put it well. And if I use eyeshadow together with eyeliner, I feel my eyes will really pop out and scary, so I'd prefer not to use them together. The first Strong Eyes Liner I bought is the black one, review here. It is very easy to control and doesn't smudge the entire day. I still have it until now and it doesn't get dry. Then, the second color, brown, finally arrived here. I should grab this one since brown eyeliner is very rare here.

What is Strong Eyes Liner? The description below is taken from the website will explain all of it:

A film-type liquid eyeliner.
Stands up to sweat, water, sebum and rubbing, creating a crisp, black line that lasts for hours!
The fine brush has just the right degree of flexibility to enable you to draw any kind of line neatly and crisply!

POINT1 Will not run or come off easily!
Waterproof formulation that stands up to sweat, sebum and rubbing.
● Will not come off easily, even if you cry or rub your eyes!
POINT2 The fine brush ensures that all of the lines you draw look great!
● The fine brush has just the right degree of flexibility to enable you to draw any kind of line, just the way you envisage it!
Perfect for drawing fine lines at the edge of your lids, filling in the gaps between each lash, and creating a line that extends upwards at the outer corners of your eyes!
● The brush feels stable as you draw the line, so you don't need to worry about your hand shaking!
POINT3 Film-type formulation makes make-up removal simple!
● Will not run or come off easily, but can be removed simply with lukewarm water!
POINT4 A strong ultra-black that gives your eyes the ultimate in impact!
● We've paid particular attention to color in creating this strong black! Enhances the impact of your eyes!
● The beautiful color lasts for hours, looking as though you've only just applied it. No unevenness in color.
POINT5 Beauty essence eyeliner is kind to your eyes.
● Contains hyaluronic acid !
● Care for your eyes while wearing make-up ♪

And I can approve that this eyeliner will care for your eyes since it doesn't irritate my eyes or anything hurting.

The pen type is the easiest eyeliner for beginner (at least for me, some might think it is pencil eyeliner). I like to use them alot, rather than gel type that will easily get messy.

Swatches on hand. Left : 3 times, right : 1 time. How thin is that? After a few times swatching, it will turn darker.

The brown is lighter than K-Palette One Day Tattoo Real Lasting Eyeliner 24h #BR01 Natural Brown. But the same as K-Palette, it doesn't lean to red hue but black. That's why it will look like lighter black if being swatched more.

I love brown eyeliner for daily use, especially if I'm not wearing eyeshadow. It enlarged my eyes more while not being too much for everyday usage. It doesn't smudge for the entire working day. The eyeliner is super easy to use, it glides on smoothly on my eyeline without cracking. That's why I like Canmake's pen type eyeliner very much, together with Isehan Kiss Me Heroine Make.

+ Glides on easily & smoothly.
+ Doesn't smudge for the entire day.
+ It can be drawn bold like black, but still softer.
+ Doesn't irritate my eyes.
+ Not expensive, at least for imported product.
+ Easy to find here.
+ The brown color is sweet, especially if I use pink eyeshadow. It will create a chocolate-like cupcake color, right?
- None at least for now.

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