Monday, January 30, 2017

Japanese Magazine Bonus (CanCam, Popteen, Sweet)

I was determined to buy CanCam February 2017 issue because of the selfie ring. I was watching Asahi channel sinced she introduced the heart-shaped selfie ring in December. But I only got the chance to go to Kinokuniya bookstore at Grand Indonesia in mid January 2017. Thank God I came because there were many bonuses in Japanese magazine. CanCam February 2017 issue with selfie ring, Popteen collaborated with WEGO (fashion brand) Jan 2017 for mascara and eyeshadow, and Sweet Jan 2017 for its bag.

01. CanCam February 2017 Issue for Heart Selfie Ring

I'm here not to tell the inside of CanCam. It is mostly fashion and makeup magazine for teenage-mature ladies in 30s or so.
There are techniques included on how to create cute pose for selfie.

I got cut while opening all plastic seals.

Selfie ring. I think the use of it is not much different than camera flash. I still don't like how it keeps my eyes tingling.

Picture with (left) and without (right) selfie ring. Which is more good? Idk, I still prefer without.

02. Popteen X WEGO January 2017 Issue for Black & Bordeaux Mascaras and Eyeshadow

Popteen is definitely a magazine for teenage girls. It is mostly told in a high school point of view until college girls. How they do their makeup and pick their styles are all in this magz.

They are cheap cosmetics. But you'll see if this is really cheap. It contains black and red mascara and brown-red eyeshadow. The red shadow can be used as blusher too if you want.

The mascara seems good. It stays for a long time on my eyelashes. The black mascara keeps my lashes longer and volumized a little. The red mascara (it is called bordeaux color) doesn't show out too much for daily look. It is not in term of cheap product! Really love to use it, especially the black mascara is very good.

The eyeshadow might be similar to Canmake Eye Nuance #32 Chocolat Apple. But it is matte, doesn't have any glitter at all. The red shadow is lean to brown than red. But still has good red hue for undereyes shadow.

Because the red is matte, it is not too much for daily makeup look. The brown is sheer and emphasizing eyes.

A natural look with duo eyeshadow. I put the bordeaux mascara on the outer corner upper lashes. Can you see? This look stays a whole day at work, proven that they are a good cosmetic. Now I really want the February 2017 issue with Liz Lisa cosme...

I'm really glad that the cosmetics inside magazine doesn't need to be checked by our BPOM. It is such a waste. I might find there is no bonus inside if they do so, because it needs money to be checked. The black and red mascara are very natural. It doesn't clump easily and stays for a long time without smudging. The eyeshadow also stays well without smearing / melting. Love them very much for natural kawaii makeup look.

03. Sweet January 2017 Issue Luria 4C Bag

Rola as cover?

Sweet is a magazine about accessories and fashion. It always comes up with a bag or pouch. I don't read it too much because there are accessories ads everywhere such as watches etc. It is suitable for mature ladies, office ladies, and such.

January bonus is from Luria 4C. They sells bags and mainly very cute with pastel colors.

The bag's quality is very good. It is soft but sturdy. The inside is also very soft. It is a bonus, but the price is the same as when I must buy a bag alone. I'd like to buy the February 2017 issue with JILL by JILLSTUART bag. There is a small fluffy pouch inside.

I'll keep buying Japanese magazine from now on! They comes up with good quality bonus, especially Sweet. Even though I don't read Sweet, but the bonus is of a good use. Its bag is useful for daily use with good quality and beautiful color. If you're a fan of Japanese items, do check them out, especially in this website for monthly issue with the bonuses.

I love Japanese magz not only because of their bonuses. But the detail of product and fashion coordinate! The editor picked something they interested, wrote the detail of how the accessories would give point to the outfit, etc. That's why, it's very different than Indonesia's fashion magz. Every corner is filled with details! If you wish to know more about a fashion editor in Japan, you can watch "Jimi ni Sugoi! Koetsu Girl Kouno Etsuko" dorama. It is very interesting and touching.


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    1. Yep. Furoku is made with good quality without disappoinment. The quality is almost the same as the exact price without magz. Just choose what is best for yourself, be it cosmetic, bag, selfie ring, or skincare sample.