Monday, February 6, 2017

Canmake Mermaid Skin Gel UV with SPF50+ / PA++++, Lip & Cheek Gel #01 Strawberry Mousse with SPF24 / PA+

This is a sample size I got from purchasing Canmake's Stay-on Balm Rouge, Perfect Multi Eyes, and Glow Fleur Cheeks #03 (my sister's). Overall, spend above Rp 500.000,- and you'll get a bonus like this below:

I'm glad Canmake Indonesia brings more product lately. Although not in the latest color variation, I'm thankful that it keeps going smoothly here, rather than disappearing suddenly like Bifesta or Kracie facewash. The Mermaid Skin Gel UV is what I wanted to buy since I finished off my Blessed Natural Primer. But I didn't have a chance to since there are many things I wanted to buy. So I got this and it makes me want to buy the full size so badly! Let's see what it does.

So, the gift is from Christmas 2016 sale at the new store in Transmart Central Park Mall.

The gift set has Lip & Cheek Gel #01, Mermaid Skin Gel UV all in sample size, a pink notebook, a pen, and a card (can be used as a postcard?).

01. Canmake Mermaid Skin Gel UV with SPF50+ / PA++++ 

Whoaah, so many + here for the PA. It's because this base is made for summer. Mermaid Skin Gel UV is a smooth base without roughness or stickiness. It is recommended for those who prefer light and refreshing sunscreen. And yeah, it can be used as a sunscreen and a base, such as any Japanese skin gel product such as Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence.

This is serves as a moisturizing makeup base with UV protection and helping foundation to sit better and last longer. Contains 85% beautifying ingredients. And can be used as body sunscreen. Just have one shade that is in green gel color that turns transparent after blending. It is a bit sucks that the gel is similar to a snot, huh? But I'm sure it is a multifunction product that works well.

Upon application, it will be absorbed to skin and doesn't leave any stickiness. The tiny sample can be used for 4-5 times application. This gel is useful to stick my foundation / BB cream greatly, doesn't leave dry patches. But be sure to also use skincare before makeup to prevents dry and flaky skin.

+ A sunscreen with high SPF and can be used as a makeup base.
+ Doesn't feel sticky.
+ Doesn't have annoying scent, and it almost none after applying on face.
+ Can be used on body too.
+ Not too expensive as the other Japanese sunscreen such as Biore is also on this price range.
+ Helps foundation / any type of base makeup stays well for a long time.
+ Sticks well to skin, lightweight, and doesn't emphasize flakes on skin.
- The color looks ugly before blending. It is only my negative thoughts. Please don't be troubled by it.

02. Canmake Lip & Cheek Gel #01 Strawberry Mousse with SPF24 / PA+

This little cute packaging! It will last for months.

I have the Cream Cheek in CL01 so when I thought it is similar, I didn't buy the Lip & Cheek Gel in #01. I have bought the #03 Raspberry Float color previously and really like it as it created a nice glow on cheek and will be matte after a few minutes.

It doesn't have any obvious differences from Cream Cheek CL01, rather than more oil and watery texture than the Cream Cheek series. But it's not a problem because there is only a few difference in texture. I can keep using Lip & Cheek Gel like the previous Cream Cheek. As for lips, it does a good pigmentation at first swipe, but turns sheer-er by the time. There's nothing I hate from the cream gel. It doesn't have scent like the other version. The color is the same as Cream Cheek CL01. So I think I will buy this color after I emptied my Cream Cheek CL01. But I feel bad for Cream Cheek, I might buy the same series.

Put it on lips & cheek.

I've tried using the Mermaid Skin Gel UV on my face.
I went to the mountain at noon.
My hands and collarbones, which didn't use sunscreen
were burnt a lot, it changed color.
But my face didn't! Thanks to this UV protection.
UV protection approved!

+ Can be used on lips & cheeks without bringing too many products.
+ Moisturizing and doesn't emphasize dry lips.
+ Creates a sheer glow on cheeks.
+ Doesn't have scent & taste.
+ It is a cute pink red on cheeks, which is good for a cute makeup look such as Igari / o-phello makeup.
+ Not very expensive.
+ With SPF, which is a good product and can protect the lips.
+ Easy to swipe, easier than the Cream Cheek I think because the texture is more watery.
- None for Japanese cream cheek. They are more wearable on lips rather than Korean product like this.

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