Thursday, December 8, 2016

Shiseido Perfect Foundation Brush

The Perfect Foundation Brush from Shiseido is an all type face brush. It can be used for powder, liquid / gel, cream type of foundation. The slanted round brush will be able to reach any corner of face. Actually, I hate using brush and prefer to use sponge/puff for liquid/gel type, because sponges can get dry easily. But suddenly, I found the urge to try a good foundation brush. My mind came to either for Shiseido Foundation Brush 101 (sold at drugstores) or this department store Perfect Foundation Brush. But after reading this review, I've decided to buy the counter one while it was on discount on online store and didn't need to get through PO.

The review of using this brush can be seen on this latest Youtube from GodMake, on the first product she used (ADDICTION Tinted Skin Protector):

Comparison with Daiso foundation brush. Sara thinks they are look a like in result. I wish Daiso here would bring the brush and the beauty blender look a like too.

Comes in red hard plastic packaging.

Thick, slanted brush that is perfect for any type of foundation / powder. Has Shiseido name on it. The 101 brush doesn't have Shiseido logo.

I thought the brush will be very small. My guess was right. It comes very handy on palm. But considering the round & thick brush, I think it is alright for my small face.

I'm not a brush type when putting on makeup. I like using cushion sponge for the best sheer & natural finish. But this Shiseido Perfect Foundation brush is very soft on my skin. I don't have any itchy feeling when moving this brush on my face or hand. A great brush! But know what? What makes this brush perfect is the result. It doesn't leave any line on face from the brush after using liquid type foundation (my Bourjois Healthy Mix), BB cream (Canmake), or liquid-turn-to-powder foundation (KATE Powderless).

The great result also comes for powder type foundation. I have tried using Canmake Concealer Foundation UV on top of Innisfree Ampoule Intense Cushion and did a good job. I still had some glow on nose and cheeks even though I topped it all with the powder foundation, slowly moving the brushes. It also concealed my undereye bags very well through 2-3 layers even though I always had a hard time blending my concealer with fingers.

My way of using this brush is by putting the liquid foundation / BB cream on the back of my hand, take it with the brush and moving it to whole face. It is very quick and clean. By using it that way, there is only a little amount of foundation to be used, instead of putting the liquid directly on the brush. It is definitely cheaper than using sponge. But this method doesn't look good for KATE Powderless or any foundation which turns powdery afterwhat. It needs more liquid than usual.

Sorry, my skin is very dry lately because I work in air conditioned room everyday. Even using a Hatomugi and Etude House Moistfull Collagen Deep Cream won't cover the dry skin part. The area beside my mouth feels hurt sometimes. I think I should venture to a good moisturizing skincare. But you can see that by using Perfect Foundation Brush, it won't leave any mark on my skin.

I dislike cleaning my brushes, moreover this one have thick and tight brush. To prevent wearing a damp brush because of liquid foundation for a week, I always clean it with tissue first and it is fine to go for the next day. I wash it once a week with my Kracie Naive facewash (Doesn't get sold here anymore, too bad. As I've said, Japanese products tends to disappear after a year or two here) and it needs a long time to dry. To fasten the drying process, I used tissue again so it will dry quick. This type of fiber brush can get dry quickly by tissue, instead of hanging it down the whole day. It only gives me 15 minutes in all process and the brush can be used on the next day.

Remember that by using Shiseido Perfect Foundation Brush, it gives thick coverage and is not suitable for someone who like sheer coverage (me?). Well, sometimes, I need high coverage on special occassion so it's okay.

+ Blending liquid / cream without leaving any line / streaks.
+ Small brush but taking any type of foundation / powder very well.
+ Soft brush won't leave any itchy feeling on skin.
+ The brush doesn't come off even though I wiped it with tissue / washing.
+ The slanted shape is able to reach the corner of my nose well and feels soft of course.
+ Picking powder type (not a powder foundation) and conceals uneven skintone, even though doesn't erase the glowy from liquid foundation / BB cream.
+ It can be used for a long time because it has strong brush, definitely an investment.
+ Many reviews told that this brush gives thick coverage result.
+ Lightweight. I like to hold it while putting on makeup. The handle is comfortable.
- Expensive. It is sold Rp 400k++ normally, and the discount was near Rp 400k too. 

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