Monday, December 26, 2016

Canmake Stay-on Balm Rouge #09 Masquerade Bud

Another Stay-on Balm Rouge!! This is the third color I have, since 05 Flowing Cherry Petal and 08 Juicy Peony. The third one is called 09 Masquerade Bud. It is a dark color, similar to Juicy Peony but more to black-red. On the website, Masquerade Bud is a dark red that blends in softly.

Canmake. For the past 2-3 years, the model was Yagi Arisa. She has this Western cute face and chubby cheeks. I think she suits the Canmake brand of a cute makeup for teens / ladies. But before the end of 2016, Canmake introduced their new model, replacing Arisa, Kawakita Mayuko. I didn't know her. She is a mixed race too, I think, because she is born in New York. But still, Arisa is cuter than Mayuko. Mayuko has the adult-type face, which is similar to the actress Nanao sometimes. I think Canmake changed their image model because they produced an intense color makeup nowadays, such as Lip Tint Jam, Eye Nuance in #32 Chocolate Apple & #35 Balloon Party, Your Lip Only Gloss #04 Smoky Finish with Black Tint, Lip & Cheek Gel #06 Dark Plum Sugar.

Masquerade Bud color is of a warm cherry red. It is slightly orange, if applied sheer. But when it is applied bold, the color will look much darker, like a vampy red.

In real life, when I'm in dark place, my lips will turn like the bullet color.

But if applied sheer, it will be orange-y red.

Texture is the same as Flowing Cherry Petal and Juicy Peony. I don't have any problem applying it sheer or bold because the texture is like any other lipbalm. It is not juicy, but fitting and shining. Doesn't have glitter.

These pictures are taken under lighting so it looks soft and sheer.

I don't have any problem with Stay-on Balm Rouge. But I think Masquerade Bud is not my shade. I was already interested in it since I bought Juicy Peony. But I didn't like dark red lips in warm tone shade. It is too showy. I do love both shade 5 and 8, but not with this 9.

+ A moisturizing lipbalm that won't create chapped lips more obvious.
+ Glides smoothly on lips with glossy finish.
+ Doesn't have scent & taste.
+ Great color payoff from a lipbalm.
+ The cap is reflective. You can use it as a mirror. I've just noticed it recently.
+ A warm dark red color that will suit any skintone.
+ Not very expensive.
- Too bold & warm for my taste.

 My eyeshadow is a mess! I tried using Canmake Four Shiny Eyes #01 again after so long. And the sponge applicator has broken, the sponge inside is cracked, the powdery glitter is messy. I think I will keep it shut for a long time. This pose reminds me of Ishihara Satomi. But I didn't know it will turn out like this since I thought of hiding my big pimple on my chin with my hand ^ ^!


  1. Haha I actually quite like this colour and I think your pale skin suits a very wide range of colours. I just recently got into Canmake and I totally didn't know about their change in models. But I agree Mayuko looks more mature and can rock both looks more easily. I think I might purchase this one. :)

    1. Ah, thank you so much. You have the same name as mine ^^
      They changed the model just recently on the last days of December 2016. I was also surprised because Yagi is cute and suit the theme of Canmake. But Mayuko might pull out the bold colors more than Yagi. Let's see their new ads with Mayuko later.

      Stay-on Balm Rouge is one of the greatest lip product from Canmake. The bold color can show up well too. Do try it out because I can recommend this product!