Sunday, December 11, 2016

Shiseido Integrate Mineral Watery Foundation N #OC00 with SPF25 / PA++

I've been longing to try Shiseido cosmetic for years. I used Kanebo brand quite often, but I hardly buy Shiseido cosme. The only product I bought from Shiseido are hair, bath & body care (Ma Cherie, Tsubaki). I used to want Maquillage, but considering the price, I need to search some interesting product first. So my mind came to the drugstore brand, Integrate. At first, I wanted to purchase the new release 2016 autumn eyeshadow, Triple Recipe Eyes RS705. But I have too many eyeshadows so I picked Mineral Watery Foundation N. I heard good reviews about this light foundation. The theme is "Miracle foundation with 5 roles : lotion, toner (this is called nyuueki), UV cut, makeup base, foundation in one."

Gel shaped lotion with good coverage and hydrating effect, gives moisturizing finish. It can be applied immediately after cleansing. This features a rich liquid-gel formula with that envelopes the skin with a moisture veil to keep skin in their 20-30s healthy and hydrated. Blends of micronised mineral powder covers pores while imparting a luminous glow for smooth, radiant skin. There are 4 shades available in Japan:

Ochre00 for bright skin, OC10 for slightly bright skin, OC20 for natural skin color, and OC30 for dark skin color.

There was a sticker in front of the packaging before. So it is dirty.

Packaging is very pretty. It looks more like a cute sunscreen / lotion rather than a foundation. Integrate Mineral Watery Foundation N's bottle is in a heart shape, has a tagline "Be happy with the power of mineral", and has the gold chain logo on top. The bottle size is 30ml and price is 1,404 Yen. This is the cutest foundation bottle I have at the moment. Well, I don't have Jill Stuart is the main reason.

The cap is a rolling type. Even though I was worried if it would come out too much (like Visee's bottle), it's not. The mouth of the bottle is a thin plastic, it prevents too much liquid comes out. It is a watery gel type which turns matte like powder after blending. The feeling is the same as Visee CC Watery Foundation or KATE Powderless Liquid.

But! I noticed a glowy nose. This is definitely matte, but on some area, it is glowing. This foundation can cover well for acne mark, but not for active one. By that, the coverage can go to medium, especially after 2-3 swipes. When I touch my face, it is definitely matte like powder finish.

OC00 is almost a perfect shade for me. But it is darker than my real skintone though. I think it is suitable for NC20-25. It can cover well, almost doesn't have scent (it has a slightly chemical scent before blending), matte & powdery finish, feels light & smooth on skin, tiny bottle. Yes, even though it looks bulky, in real life, it is very light, thin, and tiny. Suitable for travelling too. And although I didn't use primer, it didn't get crack on my nose area. Definitely more great than KATE Powderless.

Very natural, like my own skin. The finish is definitely matte!

+ Doesn't have scent.
+ Light-medium coverage.
+ Very light on skin & smooth finish.
+ The mouth of its bottle is very tiny. Easy pouring small liquid.
+ It is not dead matte. Can give a little bit of glow on nose, chin, etc.
+ Doesn't crack around nose like KATE Powderless. This maybe a good substitute.
+ Staying power is normal. But for my dry skin, it is very good.
- Hard to get here.
- Expensive. One for Rp 255k. But Japanese drugstore BB cream / foundation is around that price.

OC00. And my hand still looks more white.


  1. One of the best liquid foundation I've ever tried! Been trying western foundation recently *uhuk, MUFE, uhuk* but turns out to be disappointing :< Def going back to Japanese foundie again

    1. Really? So MUFE is disappointing? I heard many good reviews for RMK Gel Creamy Foundation these days. But one bottle will cost more than half a million Rupiah ^ ^

      So far, Integrate Mineral Watery Foundation N is more good than KATE Powderless because I don't need to wear any base under.