Saturday, December 17, 2016

CEZANNE Cheek Stick #01 Peach Pink

Cezanne Cheek Stick is a stick cream type blusher that tightly adheres to skin and giving a shine on cheek that won't fall easily. It contains hyaluronic acid, ceramide, moisturizing oil. Smooth & comfortable, gives glossy and pretty complexion to skin. Also contains small glitters. For now, it only has one color, Peach Pink. If looking onto Cezanne, it does have a meaning. It is the name of Paul Cezzanne, a French painter.

Because it is small, this cheek stick is comfortable to be brought in a bag. Even though it has glitters, it doesn't look noticeable from far. And the application is very easy. Either put it on finger / brush first, or put the stick directly on face. I don't find it difficult to blend and I can put it sheer.

Cute and pretty box, right?

The Cheek Stick doesn't have any scent. It does give glossy finish, partly because of the glitter. Peach Pink color is very natural on skin but it s buildable. You can refer to the remaining cream I put on the back of my hand at the picture below. The cream was messed up because I was looking to my sister and it fell down. It can turn pretty bold if applied numerous times.

 My Cheek Stick is broken thanks to my sister. She came so sudden and I was moving my head to see her and the stick fell down.

I used the remaining cream on the back of my hand. The sheer part is very natural, isn't it? And the right side is very bold. When it is applied sheer, it will become powder-like type with glitters after it has settled that won't slide over your face (melted). That's why, the theme is giving shine that won't fall easily (from cheek). But the bold part is creamy.

The Cezanne Cheek Stick is an affordable cute cream-type blusher. I'd like to repurchase, of course. Considering the price is reasonable and the finish result is a pretty peach pink. I love natural blusher and this stick provides it without too much effort. Just using my finger, without brush, and ready to go.

I like using my blusher on nose, chin, and forehead lately, to look more winter-like. Uh, no. I mean to look like my normal skin, which has red part around nose & cheek. Marked the area using Cezanne Cheek Stick. Notice it?

Outdoor Doesn't look shiny.

Indoor. Provides natural glow.

+ Affordable cream stick type blusher. It is the same as Canmake price.
+ Gives shine & glossy finish.
+ Doesn't have annoying scent.
+ Easy to bring & it is small but the stick is not. Just the right amount of cheaper product.
+ Cute color that can be applied both on kawaii or mature makeup look. Because the finish won't be too bold.
+ Easy to applied. Just by using finger and it is blended well.
+ Even though it has tiny glitters, the finish is smooth on skin without enlarging pores.
+ It doesn't come off easily because it will turn powdery after a minute.
- Must buy through Japan PO.
- The cream is easy to melt / break.

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