Monday, October 24, 2016

Rohto Mentholatum Lip Ice Butter Ice Cream Matcha

If you know about Mentholatum, you'll see USA logo on it. But actually, the company was acquired by Rohto Pharmaceutical Japan in 1975. That's why I see the biggest trend in Japan's lipbalm ingredients inside this Butter Ice Cream Matcha item, which are shea butter, olive oil, and squalane. I saw many squalane ingredient in Japanese cosmetics. The theme is matcha or green tea and cooling green color like the leaf.

It is said to change color to pink-red after swatching. It reminds me of Kate CC Lip Cream. So I think I must grab it since it has matcha theme and color changing feature. I think this might do and I don't need to buy Kate anymore.

This lip butter/ cream (in Japan, a lipbalm is mostly called as lip cream) is said to have matcha scent. With vitamin E & UV protector to protect the lips from free radicals. For knowledge, squalane is an extract from shark's heart to soften and moisten lips. Shea butter is used to give water content for lips so it won't be dry and cracking. While olive oil will remove dead skin cells. Also with matcha extract that is useful to give energy for daily activities. PS: I saw a limited edition text on Rohto Indonesia website. That's too bad since this item will be a hit.

The tube seems very small.

But it's not like that. See? The bullet is the same size as its tube and very long. I need to give more power while rotating the lip cream bullet because it never ends. The bullet color is also in matcha color.

Well, it is very similar to KATE CC Lip Cream! Wow! With this product, I don't need to re-purchase KATE from overseas! Though it'll be too bad if it's a true limited item.

Look! Even the color and the feeling on lips is like my Kate CC Lip Cream Mode Pink. It is moisturizing but not over shiny. It is thin and light and not sticky. Feels like my own lips.

When swatching, it gives a cooling sensation like using Revlon Colorburst lip crayon product. It has matcha scent but not too strong and will disappear in a few minutes. But the cooling won't go off to the deep inside my mouth if licked. Means, the scent & taste are very strong, so be aware that it is too strong for me. It can be erased with water but the tint actually stays longer. Very similar with KATE again. Though the KATE CC Lip Cream is more fitting to the surface, while Mentholatum is glossy-er. The effect is moisturized lip. Definitely a good product with cheap price. The precise feeling when putting it on is Kailijumei Lipstick.

+ Has cooling sensation that's surprisingly fresh. But the cooling will also remains on mouth (tongue) if accidentally licked.
+ Gives tinted lips so the staying power is long like a lip tint.
+ Cheap.
+ Doesn't feel sticky on lips.
+ Long bullet and doesn't melt.
+ Moisturized lips well.
+ The case is thin and easy to bring.
- Limited edition? I don't know when it will cease to sold.

Left : 3 swipes, right : 5 swipes. The color can turn bolder over times.

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