Sunday, October 16, 2016

Kailijumei Lipstick Flame Red

Kailijumei have been in craze lately. This lipstick is very beautiful, with something like a real dry flower inside a jelly lipstick bullet. The color will change according to temperature / moisture, similar to Canmake Your Lip Only Gloss but in lipstick/balm type. There are 4 flower colors inside: pink, yellow, red, and purple, but all shades go to the same color on lips. Actually, this is my sister's. I was afraid if it would make my lips dry so I didn't buy it first. Let's see if it's good or not since Kailijumei is made in China, though there's Germany logo at the box?

For Chinese brand, the box packaging is pretty. A satin blue donker background with gold ornaments and logo. The tube is made of metal with red color. A blue-red mix in luxury theme.

Ingredients and english description.

Lipstick tube is metallic red.

I didn't do research on how to open the cap. But unexpectedly, I pushed the other side without sticker and it was pulled out! Something new to try rather than retracting lipstick like Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar Juicy Pop & Pink Salmon or Menard Stream One Touch. The lipstick itself is like any other packaging, only need to rotate the under part.

Push the button on top without sticker. Has mirror too!

Like this. Another bullet will come out.

The lipstick bullet itself is like a transparent jelly, with small dry flower inside. Golden glitters like leaf are spreading too, creating sparkling dry leafs storm.


Tinted color.

On lips:
The outer corner always becomes softer than the inner lips. It creates gradient easily.

Video on Nami Channel Youtube:

Kailijumei lipstick's bullet has candy sweet scent. But it doesn't leave any taste. It glides on smoothly like a jelly on any surface. And the pink color pops out easily. Don't forget that similar to Canmake Your Lip Only Gloss, the more you swatch, the darker it will come. Staying power is long like a normal tint. The gloss will disappear after an hour, leaving red stained lips. It does moisturized lips, thankfully. Maybe I'll buy one for myself later. If so, I'll choose purple.

+ Long staying power.
+ Sweet candy-like scent that is not too strong.
+ Doesn't have taste.
+ Glides easily on lips.
+ Pretty bullet, a flower in a jelly.
+ Moisturized lips.
+ Not overpriced
+ Have mirror to re-applied easily.
+ Doesn't transferring easily to glass.
- Must buy through ol shop.
- The glossy finish will disappear after 1-2 hours.

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