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Sooryehan x Han Hyo Joo Bichaek Jadan Metal Cushion Foundation #21 with SPF50+ / PA+++

Sooryehan is one brand under LG. It delivers a high end brand with expensive materials such as ginseng. At first, I really was not interested in buying anymore cushion / base makeup. But since I already finished Dasoda FC and got "W-Two Worlds" fever, plus it would be my first metal cushion, I grabbed Bichaek Jadan Metal Cushion Foundation in the lightest shade #21.

There are two shades available, 21 and 23. Sooryehan's model is Han Hyo Joo herself. And in W, she wore this cushion at the scene in Kang Chul's house and Oh Yeon Joo's house separately. The title is Sooryehan x Han Hyo Joo because this is a limited edition case collaborated with her choice.

Actually, the set comes with a few skincare and one lip balm. I don't have interest in skincare too much and I just bought a few new lip products such as the Wine series from Chateau Labiotte. That's why I only bought the metal cushion.
Look at Han Hyo Joo's skin! It's glowing and pure without any spot although she is already 29.

What is this?
- A metal cushion foundation to provide 24 hours soft glowing skin.
- High fit application foundation provides silver glowing skin look.
- Clean metal plate cushion (patent) keeps moisture and temperature.
- Non darkening or smudge 24 hours lasting, no need to fix makeup.-Clinical trial of Elrideu.
- Air pump clean container provides even last drop fresh usage.
- Major ingredients : silver water (72 hours of purification with silver), seangmaekdan (ginseng, meakmundong, omijia).
- Whitening, wrinkle improvement, 24 hours, clean, one step improvement. With SPF50+ / PA+++.

Sooryehan and Han Hyo Joo's collaboration made this beautiful cushion case. This cushion has been launched since a few years ago, around 2014 or more. But it has simple white-silver color. This one, comes with flowery patttern and pink background.

Love the design so much. Get the refill too.

Different with my other cushions, this one is made from metal. Push the metal with snow pattern after opening its cap then the cream will come out. I was afraid to push the snow pattern first, but it's the way. This is a bit messy, but I can clean it up after using it with tissue.

The first metal cushion for me so it's a bit hard to use it. I thought of finding how to get the cream out on Youtube, but there's none. By chance, I found that pressing the snow button works. Stupid me...

The snow in the middle is to push the cream out.

Puff is a bit similar with Beyond, more soft and flexible than Beyond of course. LG's puff is quite good, even if it is from the cheapest cushion, compared to Etude and Mamonde's puff. The puff glides smoothly on skin. It feels cooling when the puff glides on skin. The scent is just slightly there so it won't be too much. I think it is a mix between sweet and ginseng? I can't smell it properly because there's just a little of it.

It can cover redness and panda eyes a bit.. But it can't cover the acne mark on my cheek. After a few seconds, it turns to skin color.

The finish result is semi-matte. There is glow, but the feel on my hands are matte. That's good right? It won't be as oily as Beyond Alice in Glow cushion and will be suitable for combination skin. While my skin is very dry, this does not accentuate dry area. No.21 shade is a natural color. I don't even need to put the cream on my neck because the shade is similar, though slightly darker than my other body parts.

In dark place, the glowing can be seen well. Even after 10 hours, it doesn't look oily and still has the same amount of glow. But my panda eyes got worsen.

In lighter place, the glow only shows up at my nose. My hand is still more white than my face so #21 is very natural shade, same as any other cushion's chart. I don't need to put it on my neck because it has the same shade. Unlike Innisfree which is too white, of course.

Overall, this cushion is fitting the image of high end brand. The finishing is very good and can be compared with Laneige. I think Bichaek Jadan is greater though, considering the coverage is sheer. It can be built up to medium but need more swatches. Although it won't be cakey like my Laneige Pore Control, I dislike too heavy product on my skin.

 Use mirror because I don't look good from left side... Haha... Trying to pose like Han Hyo Joo in the ads picture above, but of course our face's structures are different.

Overall, I love this cushion because it stays for a long time without smearing. It feels light, unlike Missha M Magic Cushion. The result is semi-matte. It gives glowy finish but matte on the surface so it won't get oily easily. Although the price is very expensive and it is hard to find the refill. If I want to buy it again, I must buy with case?

Right, I can't do anything about those panda eyes. I slept after 12 AM lately because my sister came home very late thanks to her overtime work.

+ Gives natural semi-matte finish. It it matte on the surface but gives glowing result.
+ The scent is not overbearing.
+ Only need minimum amount of cream to cover all face.
+ Sheer to medium coverage. I found that using primer will give more coverage as it will stick better.
+ The puff glides smoothly on skin like Beyond's and better.
+ Even though I used a sticky primer from Holika Holika Nabi Cream Vitality, it won't get greasy or overglowing. The amount of glow is still the same as without primer.
+ The metal cushion gives clean product inside and keeps moisture and temperature. It is cooling on application.

- Expensive and hard to get. Especially the refill. The seller I bought this cushion from, doesn't sell the refill because the price is more expensive than buying a new one with refill.
- Even though this cushion have so many good things, there are many brands who comes up with almost similar with this. A semi-matte, sheer to medium coverage, and long lasting.
- Same as Mamonde Cover Powder Cushion and KATE Powderless & BB Mask, after a few hours wearing time, it will create dots on chin & around nose on my dry skin. If so, erase it with tissue. I found out using Etude House Beauty Shot Face Blur can prevent the dotted cream on dry skin like mine.

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