Friday, October 28, 2016

Canmake Eyeshadow Base #SB (Skin Beige)

Eyeshadow Base is functioning as the primer/base before applying eyeshadow. It can enhances color, prevent from melting/smearing, and covers unwanted tone on the crease. Truthfully, because I have dry skin on the entire body, I don't need an eyebase. Moreover, the texture of Canmake Eyeshadow Base is creamy. I had thought it would smear, especially if I use a cream eyeshadow such as Laneige Two Tone Shadow Bar. But considering this one is a must have item, I often saw it on Youtube, I need to make it a try.

On picture, the SB is the darkest shade in front of PP (Pink Pearl). In Indonesia, we just have the SB one right now.

The eyeshadow base can improve the color of powder eyeshadow and enhancing pearl effect. It can improve the adhesion of powder eyeshadow to skin, making it last longer. With the right degree of softness, it will prevent the eyeshadow gathering in the crease. The first touch goes on with a moist texture, but changes to a dry texture as you blend it into your skin.

For now, there are two types of this base. Skin Beige blends into eyelids, a beige finish that is one tone brighter. The Pink Pearl is a pearl-textured pinkish-beige, makes eyelids look brighter, enhancing their luster. The PP is recommended for light colors and shades you want to look more lustrous.

I think I need the matte base more than pearly, so the SB is perfect for me. The cream will turn powdery over my crease. But as the suggestion, it only works for powder eyeshadow. I once tried using Laneige Two Tone Shadow Bar #1 Humming Coral after using this base and turns very bad! Because Laneige's texture is very creamy, it quickly creates a line on my eyelid and I need to erase it more than thrice! The color disappeared because I erased lined eyeshadow with tissue.

Covering my red scar. But the vein is still visible. I do think this is a decent eyeshadow base.

When using a powder eyeshadow, this is the result:

See that? The part using Canmake Eyeshadow Base is bolder. I swatched more than three times for my Missha x Line eyeshadow to come out like this. Only using the red shadow, though.

This time, using Kose Visee Glossy Rich Eyes #PK-2. Using the eyebase on all creases.

I think the color comes out quite well rather than not using Canmake Eyeshadow Base. But I don't think I need it because my skin type is dry. And the small base costs Rp 100++. But for bolder look, this eyebase is necessary. Though I like a sheer shadow than bold one.

Using the Eyeshadow Base and Coffret D'or Full Smile Eyes #Apricot Beige. I like the apricot color glittery shadow so much for plumping my lower eyes.

+ A cream texture changed to powder. It won't be too oily for powder eyeshadow.
+ Small packaging can be brought everywhere.
+ Emphasizing the eyeshadow color.
+ Easy to remove. It is not sticky.
+ Covering uneven color on eyecrease.
- Expensive for this small case, but this eyebase is considered cheap than other brand.
- Doesn't hold cream eyeshadow.

My Kose Fasio Shade Trick Eye BL-2 becomes stunning after using Canmake Eyeshadow Base #SB. PS: Didn't put any effect on the picture except brightening & shadow eraser.

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