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Select Fairy - Select 1 Day Street Brown from Pinkicon

Select Fairy is a brand from Fairy Republic. So far, there are three types of contact lens from Fairy Republic, Select Fairy (1 Day & Monthly), User Select 1 Day, and Fairy (1 Day & Monthly). I got 5 pairs-10 lenses total of Select Fairy 1 Day Street Brown from Pinkicon. The models for this brand are Yasui Rei (User Select & Select Fairy 1 Day), Hirose Mai (Select Fairy Monthly), and Tanaka Mei (Fairy).

The theme for Select Fairy Street Brown is "Watashi-rashisa ga Otona ni naru" or means "Expresses myself to be an adult".

All variants from Fairy Republic:

    Monthly (Single & Mix Color)

    1 Day (Mode Brown, Street Brown, Basic Brown)

    Monthly (Natural, Princess, Queen)

   1 Day (Natural & Princess)

3. USER SELECT 1 DAY (Natural & Naked Eyes)

I think I need to try a 1 day contact so I chose Select 1 Day in Street Brown. Every Select Fairy color is a natural brown and using sandwich method process that is kind to the eyes. The thing that differentiate them is the theme.

According to its Youtube video infomercial :
1. Street Brown (green theme) is a casual sense of brown gradation that gives an active impression.
2. Mode Brown (purple theme) is an edgy style brown to create cool eyes.
3. Basic Brown (pink theme) is a natural brown that is blended to the pupils and gives a womanly vibe.

Dia : colored 13.5mm, 14.20mm total
Water content : 38%
Central thickness : 0.08mm
Material : 2-HEMA/EGDMA
Duration : Daily
B.C. : 8.70mm
Recipe : Cast-mold process
Power : ±0.00、-0.50~-6.00(0.25step)、-6.50~-9.00(0.50step)

This is what I chose, Street Brown. As the picture told, the diameter is 14.20mm. For me, it's almost the same as my pupil size, but slightly larger and lighter brown. That's what I was searching for, a lens that would fit my own pupil so it's not too obvious.

The theme is mint green for active lady.

I'm nearsighted (myopia).


The lens will be expired in 2020. And since it's a 1 day lens, it must be used only once at a time and recycle it after usage. Most people choose a 1 day lens to maintain hygiene rather than using it numerous times for months. But of course, the price for 1 day lens is usually higher than monthly thanks to the product amount in one box. Because it consists of new lens for each day. Usually, there are 10 lenses and 30 lenses selection for 1 day lens type.

Here is the picture of the actual lens after I opened the seal.

Well, this lens is very light even before I put it on my eyes. The material is very soft I think I'm not picking anything because of the weight & texture. The downside is, it really only can be used 1 day since it's easier to break.

The other lens I've tried so far, every one of them were a bit rough & harder on the material, unlike this Select Fairy. And because the size is similar to my own pupil, it can be put on easily (coz the size fits my own lid). I feel very comfortable wearing the lens for more than 8 hours thanks to the soft material & light texture. And I usually don't put eyedrop in air conditioned room. It just felt a little dry after 7 hours like normal lens would.

For those who wish to buy this lens, check on Pinkicon website based in Hong Kong. The site sells many kinds of contact lens from all around Asia, mostly Korea & Japan. Other than contact lens, it also sells makeup & skincare, wig, fake lashes, travel camera, etc. Such a wide variety goods sold from one website. They accept Paypal as payment method for overseas customers. The Select Fairy is on sale right now.

Please forget this endangered being-like pose. I was searching for a fitting light.

Summary of my thoughts with Select Fairy - Select 1 Day Street Brown:
+ Light weight & soft texture on eyes.
+ Natural brown color that gives an active impression.
+ A 1 day hygienic lens.
+ Fits unto pupils & comfortable.
+ Water content is 38% and actually pretty normal if I wear in air-conditioned room all day.
+ The black ring on the outer lens looks very natural & doesn't get too bold upon wearing.
+ I cheated a bit using 1 pair for 2 days and didn't feel any side effect. It didn't feel uncomfortable at all and it was like using a new lens. But don't follow me. This is a 1 day contact lens. I won't do that ever again. It's just for my review. Although you can do that if there's some urgent matter and it's the last stock.
- Must buy overseas but Pinkicon offers free shipping until 0.5kg using HK post office.

UPDATE : I used this lens in AFAID16 day 1 concert and it was very comfortable. Outdoor and indoor. My eyes didn't feel itching or dry. Maybe because the thin lens gives not so heavy thing on my eyes.

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Select Fairy Street Brown (1 Day):
Circle lens origin:Japan
Offer FREE worldwide shipping for all circle lenses.

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