Friday, June 24, 2016

L'oreal Paris Super Liner V Sculptor #V02 Magnifying Brown & V03 Up Wing Burgundy

I bought a cute eyeshadow / eyeliner from L'oreal Paris. This can be used to create line easily or smudge for eyeshadow. In Japan and many countries, the shade V02 is called Magnifying Brown and V03 is Up Wing Burgundy. But in Indonesia, V02 is called Brown-Fancy Wink and V03 is Purple-Glimpse of Paradise. There are 4 shades as of now which are black, brown, burgundy, and bronze.

Do you remember Tint Caresse? I bought two shades before, and they are for lips. I really like how they can create gradation easily. If you wish to try more color, refer to this Japanese site chart instead because they have a picture for each shade. Meanwhile, this Super Liner V Sculptor can be used as an eyeshadow and eyeliner. This is famous in Japan recently. My subscribed Youtube channels were having a challenge to use it as a party makeup (and all L'oreal makeup) such as Momo, haruxnyantv, Sara Sawano, and SekineRisa.

This is Momo's channel for L'oreal Party Makeup.

This is haruxnyan's channel. Btw, haruxnyan is pregnant in this video. She looks pretty tho.

Sara Sawano

And the ultimate Sekine Risa-san!

The Super Liner V Sculptor have a pointed tip for lining & blending. The glittery eyeshadow powder can be filled again each time closing its cap. And when I bought V02, the V03 was on sale half price so I grabbed it too to create gradation like SekineRisa's tutorial (^ ^). The easiest way to use it is by drawing a line on top of the eyeline then blend with finger / brush to fill all crease. You can add more as a liner to emphasize big eyes.

Burgundy has a hint of brown too. So it's very natural.

V02 Magnifying Brown

V03 Up Wing Burgundy

All shades (V02 & V03) have the same consistency & texture. It is great as a point color eyeshadow but doesn't have long staying power as a liner. I can see my lining area disappeared in only 2 hours and mixed in the shadow. Well, the result might be different if you use a good primer before. I'm just using a powder to top off my base makeup because I don't have eyeprimer.

V02 Magnifying Brown

V03 Up Wing Burgundy

If you ask me which color is my favorite, I'd chose V03 Up Wing Burgundy. It is not as strong as I used to think and it can be used daily. V02 is also good for natural makeup. But I think the Super Liner V Sculptor series isn't very special other than the cushion tip sponge. The lip tint is greater in term of formula than this eyeliner/shadow.

Using V02 Brown. With messy hair before smoothing.

Using V03 Burgundy. My hair was in smoothing pace, where I couldn't wash it off for 2 days at the time. Sigh, I look sick! And I can't stand not to wash my hair. I usually wash it every day!!!

Using V02 Brown on all crease and V03 Burgundy on the middle (bold look).

Using all colors again sheer-er.

+ A useful eyeshadow tip that can be used to lining under & upper eyes.
+ Can be used for gradation by blending.
+ Doesn't have smell.
+ Great color payoff & can be adjust to natural / bold.
+ Easy to bring on travel since it is small like a pen.
- Easy to smudge & doesn't stay long.
- A bit expensive if there is no discount for only one shade.

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