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Canmake Cream Cheek #CL07 Clear Ruby Cherry & Coloring Eyebrow #03 Natural Brown

I bought the third Cream Cheek from Canmake. I love them so much, I can put the #13 Love Peach everyday because it's a sheer peach that gives natural flush. And #CL01 sometimes for an occassion when I want to emphasize white pale skin to look like a doll. So when Canmake had a sale on store (I got the SMS after signing up at Matahari dept store to receive ads), I bought another rare color #CL07 Clear Ruby Cherry that's already discontinued in Japan. They're quickly getting discontinued... As for Coloring Eyebrow, the BA was telling me excitedly that this eyebrow mascara is a rave item from they customer, and I got curious to try. Even though I have too many eyebrow products now, which I rarely used because my eyebrows are already thick. Wrong item and it means Shin-chan's eyebrow.

01. Canmake Cream Cheek #CL07 Clear Ruby Cherry

On official site, the color looks like plum (see my wall post picture above). But truthfully, it is more red than purple. Maybe a berry / cherry red like the name suggested, deeper red than CL01. I have three Canmake Cream Cheeks now, which are CL01, CL07, and 13. Love them for daily and special purposes. I don't need to talk much about the packaging since all of you know this is like a diamond. And the compact size is very light to bring along, sadly without mirror.

This Cream Cheek is very easy to applied. The color comes out sheer or vibrant according to how much I swatched. But don't worry because it is maintainable and I usually wear sheer blush with this. The cherry red goes out pretty good on white pale skin and of course, will also visible on medium tone since it's pretty bold. That's why I mostly use this with powder on top because it seems like a winter flushed cheeks.

Swatch on hand. Left bold, right sheer & blended.

On lips. Matte red, almost the same red with CL01 but deeper.

As for lips, this Cream Cheek gives a matte red lip color, with a hint of blue. But I think CL07 is slightly more dry than CL01, whatever the reason is. Same as the other color, this does not have scent or taste. A good item for me who don't like perfume. Sometimes, I can use the Cream Cheek for eyeshadow on lower lid to create cute look (You can refer to Canmake Secret Color Eyes way of using it).

My Thoughts for Canmake Cream Cheek CL07 Clear Ruby Cherry:
+ Soft and smooth to applied.
+ Can be used on both cheeks and lips.
+ Creates glowy finish on cheeks and matte lips.
+ The color can be built up from sheer to bold.
+ Color stands for a long time on lips, matte. Turns to cherry a bit plum red after a few times applying.
+ Suitable for winter looks. But the color will also appear on darker skintone since it can be built to bold.
+ Doesn't have perfume and taste on lips.
+ Moisturized lips even without lipbalm.
+ Cheaper than most lip & cheek cream, especially Visee or Rohto SUGAO.
- The price is marked up twice the normal Yen in many countries.

02. Canmake Coloring Eyebrow #03 Natural Brown

What is it about?

Change your eyebrow color instantly. Waterproof eyebrow mascara.

Waterproof type

This mascara-type eyebrow color quickly and easily brightens up your entire look, allowing you to sport a different eyebrow color every day, so you can coordinate it with your hair, make-up and outfit. Goes on smoothly, without feeling at all sticky or rough. The short inverted triangular brush makes it simpler to apply, ensuring that your brows are evenly coated and allowing you easily to adjust any imperfections in their thickness or texture. Waterproof.
It is important to take care to wipe the brush with a tissue before using it, as this will prevent the product getting onto your skin. Brushing outwards from the part of the eyebrow closest to your nose will ensure that your brows are evenly coated. Please take care not to use too much, as this will cause the eyebrow color to clump.

On the website, Coloring Eyebrow only has one shade, the Natural Brown because they already made a new eyebrow mascara, Color Change Eyebrow. This shade is a dark brown color that will suit any black, dark red, and dark brown hair color. Has shimmer but unnoticeable, similar to Etude House Color My Brows.

I also find the formula is similar to Etude House. Not sticky, not watery, has shimmers, doesn't have scent, and dry. If I compared to Kiss Me Heavy Rotation which is very watery, this kind of a dry eyebrow mascara won't coat every strain of hair. But it is still natural indeed because it won't messed up the entire eyebrow shape.

Nowadays, I usually used this Coloring Eyebrow together with an eyebrow pencil. First, shape the eyebrows using eyebrow pencil and create fake hair. After that, topped with eyebrow mascara with a motion following the outer face rather than to the hair growth. I watched Hakonyang tutorial on Youtube and it seems to be the most natural way for someone with thick eyebrows like me to use an eyebrow mascara.

My Thoughts for Canmake Coloring Eyebrow #03 Natural Brown:
+ Not liquidy so it won't messed up.
+ Comes in natural color, but only one shade.
+ Affordable price, almost the same as its Cream Cheek.
+ A quick way to color eyebrow's hair without bleaching.
- Sometimes, because the formula is dry, it won't color some hair.
- Just one shade.

Using Cream Cheek CL07 on both cheeks and lips & Coloring Eyebrow #03.

Using Cream Cheek CL07 on cheeks & lips, Coloring Eyebrow #03. Surprisingly, CL07 stands for a long time on lips and matte, merge into lips like a tint. I don't need to use lipbalm because it moisturized my lips well.

Using Cream Cheek CL07 both on lips & cheeks + Coloring Eyebrow #03 like 2nd picture. This time, with "nyaan" victory pose after purchasing AFAID 2016 day 1 VIP ticket. I really want to see ELISA and Aimer on day 1. But I also want to watch Lia, bless4, and nano on day 2. Then again, my sister just wanted to attend one day, so I chose ELISA & Aimer. See you at AFAID 16!-Hope I can get a sign from ELISA.

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