Friday, June 3, 2016

BEYOND Alice in Blooming Snow Cushion #01 Pink Beige with SPF50+ / PA+++

Following the Alice in trend series from BEYOND, I decided to buy the latest cushion from Alice in Blooming (for spring & summer 2016). Previously, it was Alice in Glow BB Cushion #01 Milk Cake. But this one, it's slightly a different cushion than Alice in Glow. The no.01 shade is called Pink Beige

Actually, in this blooming series, I'm also interested for the Aqua Cream and Skin Tone Sun Base. But I won't buy too many makeup/skincare nowadays. I'll minimize my collection because I don't know where to store anymore after I filled in my makeup shelf fully. I don't have storage anymore and some are stored outside my shelf.

This is the Snow Cushion ads. There are two shades available, pink beige and natural beige. As always, I chose no.1. And I bought the cushion with 2 refills without thinking or researching before (total, 3 Alice in Blooming Snow Cushion). Now I have 5 BEYOND's cushion, 2 from Alice in Glow (haven't finish the 1st cushion yet) and 3 from Blooming. Gosh, I should only buy one without refill. But if I think more, the refill is usually isn't get sold alone, so why not buy 3 of them while the price is the same as normal 2 cushions? I like BEYOND Alice in Glow cushion anyway and I thought Blooming was the same cushion, only a change in packaging from white to pink.

When I received the cushion itself, I was very surprised to know there were 3 of them! Plus, I got a limited edition mini scarf like this:

I don't know what will I use it for. I don't use scarf. But the quality is good.

The box itself is full of pink-mint green pastel color. With colorful drawing, I'm so in love with this. The box is quiet large to store 1 cushion with case and 2 refills.

How can I'm not indulge to buy this cushion even though I have so many cushions already? Look at the case. It's pink with golden metal. I don't what it means about Curiouser and Curiouser though. According to Google, it's an ancient phrase written by Lewis Carroll in "Alice in Wonderland" means "increasingly strange".

“Curiouser and curiouser!” Cried Alice (she was so much surprised, that for the moment she quite forgot how to speak good English).”

What else? The sponge puff is of soft pink! It's cute and continued from the later series, the puff also has big holder. I just need to put two fingers inside the holder and it can hold them quiet strong. I like patting the cream with BEYOND's puff. All seems so simple with it.

When I tried to pat on my back hand, it came out glittery. This cushion has glitters on it. Moreover, it's not dewy like Alice in Glow. Alice in Blooming Snow Cushion has matte finish, not dead matte like Mamonde Cover Powder Cushion though. The glitters are visible for some minutes and it will disappear into skin like nothing. But even after I have used Kracie facewash or Bifesta Cleansing Lotion, the glitters are hard to removed. It's the same as Alice in Glow eyeshadow then. Though after double cleansing with Bifesta and Kracie, I rarely saw the glitter anymore. Keep in note that the glitter is not visible while on skin but it will remained after cleansing.
See that the shade is similar enough with my hand color? And it has glitters!

Glittery... But only for a few minutes. It won't be seen once settled to skin color.

The finish result is almost the same as my skintone, for shade 1 pink beige. I don't have problem with too white or too grey. And so, I think this one is pink finish rather than white. It gives me natural finish result without looking too dewy. But I feel it's a bit dry after 3 hours, around my very dry area such as nose or chin. Well, I don't mind that though, since it's still look good. But I won't bring it when I'm travelling because I need more job to cleanse it for the glitters.

Not too white compared to my hand. It's still slightly darker. But again, I have pale skin compared to my friends. See the dry area on the right side of my mouth? This can be seen after 3 hours. Unvisible from afar though. But after seeing my picture, this BB cushion is truly a matte type, right?

My thoughts for BEYOND Alice in Blooming Snow Cushion:
+ Cute packaging & the puff is easy to use.
+ Semi-matte finish & long-lasting for oily skin.
+ Natural skin color can be achieved without looking too white. But I have pale skin myself and there are only 2 shades.
+ With the price of two cushions, you will get three!
+ The glitters are not visible once it has settled into skin.
+ Soothing flowery scented that lasts about 30 minutes.
+ Low-medium coverage. If I pat it more than twice, it'll give me medium coverage-almost full.
- Can be a bit dry after more than 2-3 hours.
- Glittery and hard to removed.


  1. Hi would you like to sell me one of your beyond cushion refill? I'm curious to try beyond cushion but since i've so many stock of other brand i'm reluctant to buy new one with the case.

    1. Oh, sorry. I don't sell my items here even though it's preloved. Maybe, you can ask the seller through PO. The shop sells one refill with case too. It's on IG "gleam.up". I think the price for the original refill with case will be almost the same with mine, plus you'll get the cute case! The difference might be around Rp 40-50K.

    2. ok, thank you for your info ^_^ will check on IG

    3. I sell one please contact me ig: @baekhyunfangirls

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