Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Makeup Revolution Redemption Iconic 3 Palette

The review this time is my first eyeshadow from Western. I didn't have interest in Western eyeshadow before because they came in too bold pigmentation. The eyeshadows I have from Japan & Korea are so far sheer and glittery, with each different staying power of course. But recently, Japan is in haul from this London brand. I think MUR is quiet new, launched in 2014. Though they are mostly raving about I♡Makeup Naked Chocolate Palette, I bought the Iconic Palette instead. Part of it is because I need to PO the Naked Chocolate, and the other is because I'm interested for Urban Decay's NAKED 3 cheaper dupe gossip.

If you are wondering what is Urban Decay NAKED 3 is, see this picture:

Isn't the color variations almost the same as MUR Iconic 3?

Anyone who likes playing with makeup must have known this holy grail eyeshadow from America, which costs almost USD 68.00 (maybe)!! But Makeup Revolution is only USD 5.00 with rave everywhere about their similarities. I thought because MUR is very cheap, the eyeshadow would be similar to DAISO Ellefar with fallout glitter everywhere and dry texture. The MUR Iconic 3 comes in redish brown shades, very similar with NAKED 3. Oh yeah, this picture below is the I♡Makeup Naked Chocolate Palette, which is in rave in Japan right now:

Everyone said this palette smells like chocolate! I might grab one someday.... And sadly, Iconic 3 doesn't have scent.

Now, let's see the exact Iconic 3 palette with black packaging:

Didn't come in box.

There are 12 shades in 1 palette. From matte to glittery dark color. I've never owned a palette more than 5-6 colors before and this one is the first to exceed 10. The dual-ended sponge is not useful and seems cheap. I'm using finger and brushes for applying. But the sponge chip is very soft. I've tried using the sponge to make outer depth but it won't work for more than 3 swipes.

The shade I dislike is no.2 from left because the glitter and texture are similar to DAISO Ellefar Glitter Eyeshadow. It is soft on skin, but the result color is dry. Not that I hate my DAISO. It is good but can't have more improvement. I like no.5 shade the best because it seems pale pink on palette, but is buildable to a strong pink like KATE Brown Shade Eyes #BR3, but MUR has more red. Yep, the color will be brown-ish pink. The 1st color is matte finish pearly color perfect as a base because the color won't show too much and has little glitter particles.

This is the picture of me wearing color no.1 as a base. Topped with no.3 all over crease and no.5 on the outer corner of upper lid. To line it up, I was using no.12. I'm surprised it turns blue-ish than black on my skin, similar to Fasio Shade Trick Eye #BL-2 (my 1st eyeshadow and still have it because I rarely used blue-based eyeshadow). And I used the sponge included for no.12 color. You can see the color shows up well by using its sponge. On my lower eyelid, I used no.2 but didn't come out easily as I thought with lining brush. Overall, I used 5 colors and still look natural for daily makeup.

The second attempt, I used no.1 color again as base using my finger. Then brush off with no.4. After that, using my Hakuhodo J5529 brush, I put no.7 on my outer corner upper lid. Topped with no.6 & 10 to create warm gradation (because it's gold) and a bit on the lower eyelid.. And to create plump eyes, I used no.6 again using finger.

And this one after I put bold eyeshadow (Hollywood wanna-be). But seems failed.

Bold eyeshadow & lips. Lips was using Missha x Line Friends Matte Lip Rouge MRD02. I removed this makeup as soon before going out and changed it by only Pigeon powder and lipgloss (I'm more confident with minimum makeup). I'm very suck at bold makeup. I wore it as an example of how far this eyeshadow could be. Please forget this photo after looking at it. ^ ^

Have you noticed my hair color becomes lighter? After using Liese Prettia Natural Ash, I thought it wasn't come out good. But after using straight iron lately two months ago, it became lighter. Note: I'm using this kind of hairstyle lately because my bang is interfering with my work. I got this style from Sasaki Asahi channel on Youtube. Definitely an easy way to hide my bangs.

Surprise fact no.2! It stays a long time without any fallout glitters. It glides smoothly on my crease and not dry. It doesn't smudge for entire day. Soft on skin and easy to be erased with facewash (I'm using Kracie btw). Also, the color finish result is the same as Japanese drugstore eyeshadow, which is a good thing for me. So that's why Japanese are raving for this cheap but great product. I'd like to experiment more with this new plaything. You can watch a few Youtube videos here.

I was sick in those pictures above. Forgive my swollen & puffy eyes. I'd prefer my natural makeup here than the 1st bold eyeshadow ^ ^.

+ A 12 shades eyeshadow palette with very cheap price. Can be used in any activities.
+ Soft on skin without irritation.
+ Stays long and doesn't smudge for working hours.
+ Buildable from sheer to bold according to needs.
+ Easy to wash-off with my Kracie facewash (of course including makeup remover in the facewash).
+ The bold colors are very pigmented and looks strong on my skintone.
+ The redish brown variation would suit daily activities more.
- Can't buy at counter. Only through online store.
- The palette doesn't consist of brush and mirror (I'd prefer brush than sponge for full palette. But for quad, I might consider sponge).

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