Sunday, May 1, 2016

GEO Magic Circle BC-102 Contact Lens

This is another review for contact lens. I don't know much about Korean brand contact or anything, but GEO is famous online. They have a website to check if your GEO is a fake or not here. Well, I've tried and there is nothing to worry about mine. This contact lens is in natural brown color with minimum accent.

This is the screenshot from when I checked the product through the anti-fake website. It says mine is official. But I can't find the BC series on the official website I mentioned above.

Anyway, I don't like taking picture too much of a contact lens, so I'm going straight to the review. Anyway, I got mine in a bottle for each product and my finger got cut by the scissor from opening it. This is a hardwork to open a softlens but I don't mind. This lens have 14.2mm diameter with 40% water content. Mine is in minus 2.00 since I don't like wearing the nearest 2.50. BC-102 is in dark brown color with a few unseen black spiral around the lens. I don't think there is a front nor back side. I can use it on either side.

I don't find it gives me weird feelings upon wearing this lens. It is soft and safe for my eyes. But as usual, I dislike wearing something inside my eyes, so I can't wear any softlens too long.

Though I'm searching fro 14mm contact lens in natural brown so much, I think this GEO BC-102 is unto my taste. It is indeed unnoticed, except for bigger eyes effect. Later, I will try Japanese 1 day UV contact lens from Bambi Series Vintage Nude. I might try the 10 lenses first, despite the 30 lenses expensive price, to see if that will suit my taste or not and compare it with this GEO BC-102.

+ Natural brown contact lens with unnoticeable accent.
+ Diameter is not too big (14.2mm) for natural looking eyes.
+ Comfortable.
+ Cheap, only Rp 90.000,-.
+ Can be used for 6 months, but 3-4 months is my limit.
- A bit dry after a few hours.

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