Sunday, April 24, 2016

Menard Stream One Touch Lipstick S #24F Rose Satin

Menard is a cosmetic and skincare brand of Nippon Menard Cosmetic Co. According to wikipedia, its name derives from Maenad, a female followers of the Greek god, Dionysius. It is a department store brand, so consider pricey. It has produced a gold ingredients cream skincare that costs more than USD 900.00!! Apart from cosmetic and skincare, there are also health drink such as collagen, fragrance, haircare, and cosmetic tools.

Menard often comes as a sponsor in dorama (Gakkou no Kaidan, From 5 to 9, etc). The beautiful model for Menard since few years ago is Fukada Kyoko (1982). There are also Matsuzaka Keiko (1952 and she was acting as 65y.o. Kisaragi Sumi in Sumika Sumire and her voice is very soothing!) and Mochida Kaori from Every Little Thing (1978). You can guess overall age range is between 30-65s.

Fukada Kyoko for Menard Facial Salon commercial.

I bought Stream One Touch Lipstick, in shade Rose Satin. I want a natural beige shade, like a Japanese lady would always used. Maybe usually for lady in 30-40s dorama? I don't care. I like how their lips looks natural with beige color lipstick, a bit shiny and healthy from a non-matte color.

Spot that blue circle manufacturing date.

I know the Stream range isn't produced anymore. But I got the 2013 stock from Sociolla! Gosh, that's already 3 years ago... But I don't find anything weird such as the smell, so it's alright. The other variant such as Jupier and Tsukika also has this kind of sliding lipstick. But Jupier range is the highest of all price.

The unique thing from Menard's lipstick is from the sliding button. To open the cap and slide the bullet out, just need to slide the button down. But I always opened its cap first before sliding because I'm afraid the bullet will touch the cap and it will be messy. Though I don't think my cautiousness is necessary.

The bullet size is a normal Japanese lipstick would made. Not long, but solid. I know, the amount is smaller than most of Korean lipstick.

Mine is in shade Rose Satin. The S after its name is a range. There are satin finish and color finish lipstick. For color range, they are more vibrant than the shiny satin finish. Rose Satin is a pink-beige shade with satin finish. It is not matte, has little glitter particles that is obvious on the bullet but not on lips. The shade is similar to Etude House Dear My Wish Lips-talk BE101, but Menard is non-sticky. The Etude is creamier and sticky to lips, while Menard has the correct amount of touch. It feels light on lips.

 Comparison with Laneige Silk Intense Lipstick #LR104 Pink Garden. The color is almost same but Laneige has more red hue.

I can smell the stainless packaging from its bullet. But it isn't a hindrance and just a faint smell. Maybe because it is already stored for too long. Nevertheless, I love this lipstick because it is not drying, doesn't cracked, and gives a natural finish on lips like what I have expected.

+ Natural color on lips and the glitters are not visible.
+ Unscented, which I like so much.
+ Not sticky on lips so it feels light, almost wear nothing.
+ Avalailable in many shades and satin type or color finish type to choose.
+ The sliding button lets the bullet comes out easily. Doesn't need to turn right / left.
+ The lipstick is quite long lasting. It can transfer easily but still noticeable on lips.
- From 2013 produce since it Stream range is already discontinued in Japan.
- Department store brand so it is expensive compared to other brands. Stream price is similar to Laneige lipstick, but Tsukika and Jupier are more expensive.

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