Saturday, May 7, 2016

Canmake Cream Cheek #13 Love Peach & Eyebrow Liquid #02 Light Brown

I don't need to write more about Canmake Cream Cheek and Eyebrow Liquid since I already bought them in different shade before. I have Cream Cheek CL01, which already half-sized now, and Eyebrow Liquid in #01 Natural Brown. The Natural Brown already dried after more than 6 months, so I decided to buy the lighter shade since my hair is now red.

01. Canmake Cream Cheek #13 Love Peach

If you go to the website, the star mark on Cream Cheek color means it contains lame / pearl. Love Peach is a milky pink everyone can use. Cheek just look like peach texture, it makes you warm and comfortable mode. The case doesn't have difference with CL01 color. A transparent case so it is easy to differentiate each color.

Blended and unblended. The glitters are visible.

Because Love Peach contains glitter, it is not suitable for lips. The color will be very pale peach on lips, dry, and cracky. But on cheeks, it is a pale peach color that is suitable for daily soft look. Remember, the color will be peachy pale pink that won't suit every skintone. The color on its pan is more red than real life.

Doesn't look good on lips.

Swatch on bare skin.... Seems pale but if I wear base makeup first, it won't be as pale as this.

On cheeks, it will have glittery finish that won't be noticeable from far. It just have slightly pearls hint if you look closely. Easy to blend and stays for a long time on my dry skin. I don't need to top it with powder blush for longer staying power. After a few hours I wore it on top of The Face Shop Face it Power Perfection BB Cream #02 Natural Beige, the BB cream had been wore off with grayish color while the Cream Cheek became red-er. So far, I'd prefer CL01 which can be used on lips and cheeks. But this Love Peach color is also very good for daily natural & soft makeup.

+ Great for soft & natural makeup because the peachy pale pink color.
+ The glitters aren't noticeable.
+ Long staying power.
+ Can be used as an eyeshadow because it contains glitter.
+ Cheap price.
- Can't be used on lips because the color is too pale & glittery.
- For darker skin, you may have trouble adding the color. Because it's very sheer!

02. Canmake Eyebrow Liquid #02 Light Brown

The Eyebrow Liquid #01 is my holy grail eyebrow product. I can use it alone without powder or pencil first. Even though my hair is colored lighter than my brows, I'm still thinking the 01 sticks well with the hair color for natural brows color. But to try the other shade won't hurt, right.

The Light Brown shade is more red than Natural Brown but still gives dark brown finish. I think it doesn't give too much differences with the previous shade I owned, but still prefer the Natural Brown. With Light Brown, my brows seems to have different colors, slightly red on the outer edges where I have sparse brow. Except if I use a brow mascara to topped it off, maybe. Staying power is quite decent, the same as Natural Brown.

+ Easy to use, it can replace a pencil brow.
+ Long staying power on my dry skin.
+ Creates natural finish eyebrows, especially for someone who have thick brows like me.
+ Cheap price.
- So far nothing. It's just that I prefer Natural Brown more.

Tried drawing bold eyebrows. Already tap-tap the Cream Cheek #13 as much as I can, but still can't be captured, especially under lighting.

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