Wednesday, May 11, 2016

BEYOND Alice in Glow Oil Tint #4 Burgundy

I'm so in love with BEYOND Alice series. I have purchased the Alice in Glow Cushion and finally tried the Oil Tint. You see, because I like the cushion so much, I even ordered the second series cushion, Alice in Blooming! Still waiting for it to arrive. I think there is no difference in term of formula, just a new packaging. Well, apart from it, the Alice in Glow series has finally sold in Indonesia. I bought this lip tint in store. Normal price is Rp 199.000, but since it's new, I got it for Rp 159.000. Online is still cheaper. T.T

I chose no.4 burgundy color. On picture, I thought it was a soft burgundy. But I know somewhere in my heart that a lip tint wouldn't give me those kind of color. So back to reality. Truthfully, burgundy isn't my preference color. I still bought some burgundy / purple lip product though, such as Etude House Sugar Tint Balm #7 or Innisfree Creammellow Lipstick #9. Of course I rarely use them in the end (sigh). Anyway, I don't know why I'm tempted to buy burgundy for this range. Maybe because the other color doesn't look appealing to me.

As for packaging, I don't find a card soldier looks cute.
Blame me for don't have any favorite mascot. I don't even play dolls (all dolls are either my sister's or just a furniture).
But I like the tube design whatsoever. The white and transparent combination of its tube.
It gives me easier & shorter time to find the shade.


The first time I applied this tint, it is transparent. 
But after 1-2 seconds after blending, it sinks into bold burgundy.
While still have oil (glossy) for an hour, it will turn dry after that and stays as a normal tint for hours.

I love this kind of tint rather than my Secret Key Sweet Glam Tint Gloss #Milky Pink, which seems to be more like a heavy lip gloss and also turned dry after an hour.
Alice in Glow Oil Tint doesn't feel heavy on lips

After more than one hour... The glossy finish becomes dry. Forgive my big forehead. I need to clean my bangs recently because it's a hinder at work.
I could rub the color a bit with water after it was dried and re-applying. But the color will be too bold.
So I'd prefer to use lipbalm after the oil disappeared.

+ Moisturized lips.
+ Stays for a long time.
+ Gives bold color according to how much product used.
+ A rare moist type lip tint that will stay for an hour, which is pretty long for me (compared to Etude Fresh Cherry Tint which will become dry after a few seconds).
+ The applicator makes the tint easier to be applied.
+ The tint won't transfer to cup.
- Pretty expensive & limited edition.
- The glossy finish will disappear after an hour.

I'm a 26 y.o. girl btw! Ups, I have revealed my age. Love the earrings from Osewaya. It doesn't get discounted anymore. Thankfully, I have bought many of them before.

NOTE : Although I was interested on its glitter eyeshadow, when I tried it at store, I was disappointed. I put it on my hand, tried to blend, but the glitters messed up everywhere. It will create many fallouts so be careful if  you wish to buy it. Both of my hands were full of glitters even though the sales girl already gave me remover. Its glitters are annoying.

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