Sunday, April 17, 2016

Kose Visee Lip & Cheek Cream #RD-1 Pure Red

Finally got a chance to try Visee Lip & Cheek Cream. So far, only Japanese cream cheek is good for lips. I've tried several Korean brands cream cheek like Etude House and Beyond but they were all just for cheek. I can't use them on lips because it's oily and can't blend well. After it got dry, it would sink into lip lines. The Visee Lip & Cheek Cream can be compared with Canmake Cream Cheek, just a slightly higher price than Canmake. Japanese tutorials on Youtube will either use Canmake or Visee for O-phero (Igari) / daily makeup.

Previously, I bought this with the CC Watery Foundation and Slim Gel Liner. But I was afraid if the seller gave me someone's order. I ordered PK-2, but she gave me RD-1. Turned out, she really made the wrong choice because she grabbed the last one from my request hurriedly. The seller said she was taking it from PK-2 shelf but it was actually RD-1. Thankfully, I am okay with RD-1 because I was confused to choose between those colors before. Either way, I'm finally able to try Visee's lip & cheek cream.

Shades available :

- A cream color that can be used on lips and cheek.
- Gives natural complexion from the inside, glossy finish on cheek, and half-matte finish on lips.
- Melty, easy to blend. Adjustable color to create natural look.
- With moisturizing ingredients that will fit to skin such as collagen and squalane.
- Pure gold compounding that will produce natural three-dimensional effect.
- Fragrance-free.

HOW TO USE : Tap-tap on cheek according to the color intensity you need. For lips, add a lipgloss or lipbalm first will strenghten the color.

Such good benefit from one round case. I love the case. Even though it is black, the design is very luxurious with flower ornaments. A gothic style of black. The red on its pan is almost the same as on my Canmake Cream Cheek CL01.

After putting it on hand, I can see the differences with Canmake. They are the same blue-ish bloody red. But Canmake has more shine / oil under lighting.

So I gave it a try on my lips & cheek. On my cheek, the result is similar to Canmake Cream Cheek CL01. It gives off glossy finish and glowing cheek. While on lips, it will create a matte finish. Don't worry. I notice the difference with Canmake. The two of them are good to put on lips, creating red lipbalm-like finish without over-glossy. But Visee is more matte than Canmake. Not noticeable, but this is what I got from wearing the two similar products. Anyway, I don't have problem with either Canmake Cream Cheek nor Visee Lip & Cheek Cream to put on cheek & lips. I like them both with few differences. The two of them also stays long and won't fade on my dry skin for working days.

I'd like to venture on Visee's other color though, especially BE (beige). Meanwhile for Canmake, I'd like to try the plum color, CL07 after I have finished CL01. Oh by the way, in term of the amount, I think Canmake will run out faster than Visee because it is juicier. Visee's cream is more solid. But the amount of product are almost same.

Used effect after a while. I haven't used it for a long time now.

The actual color before using Camera360 effect.

+ Multifunction product for cheek & lips.
+ Easy to use & glides on smoothly on cheek & lips.
+ Vibrant color even though it is sheer.
+ Easy to bring since it is small. But the cap is solid so don't worry it won't opened easily.
+ Beautiful black design packaging. Unlike Canmake Cream Cheek which comes only in transparent plastic.
+ Moisturized lips even though I didn't use lipbalm.
+ Gives dewy & glowy finish on cheeks.
+ Long staying power even though it is a cream.
- Unhygienic because I mainly used fingers. Of course always washes my hands before using.
- Hard to buy in Indonesia.


  1. Hi! I find out we share the same passion toward Japanese make-up product and K-product also! Love to see other people share and review some products I've been eyeing on~ Salam kenal yaa ^^

    | Yuanita for eyecandyforladies |

    1. Waah, ya salam kenal jugaaa. I've been using K & J-cosme a lot. Their cute packagings & colorful designs are eye-catching. Oh btw, because I have Japan's bias maybe I'm more into Japanese trend since I followed them a lot more than Korean. Though I noticed J & K-looks usually exchanges makeup trend (like, Korean tutorial using Igari/ophero makeup or Japanese using BB cushion). Overall, I'm following both trends.