Friday, April 1, 2016

Kanebo KATE CC Lip Cream #06 Mode Pink with SPF19 / PA++

This is the cheapest KATE's product I have ever saw. In Japan, this actually costs only around USD 4.30!! But I bought it around USD 7.00 together with Clock Zero ~Shuuen no Ichibyou~ Re-verse-Mind DVD. The CC Lip Cream has been available since last year, together with the CC Lip Treatment. I thought they are limited edition, but they are not. I didn't have interest to try before because I knew it's the same as a lipbalm. Though I regret not buying in it Singapore last year. So far, there are 4 shades available for now (I think this series is a re-launched of the old product) which are #01 Beat Red, #04 Orange Burst, #05 Pink Trick, and #06 Mode Pink. It is called a CC Lip Cream because it has SPF19 / PA++ to protect from UV rays.

The main color is #01 Beat Red. But I was interested in #06 Mode Pink because on yodobashi website, it was the first thing I opened (What? Only because of that??). And I must order it quickly because I need to order CZ re-stock (CZ was sold out in every online shop except Yodobashi and Getchu). I grabbed shade Mode Pink as fast as I could.

My CZ and KATE CC Lip Cream ^^  If you want to know more about CZ, I have reviewed the two endings here. Just click on Clock Zero ~Shuuen no Ichibyou~ tag on the right side.

The CC Lip Cream has SPF19 / PA++. It has moisturizing & treatment ingredients for lips because it contains olive fruit oil, almond oil, jojoba seed oil, hyaluronic acid Na. This lip treatment / balm has different function based on the color range:

- Beat Red and Orange Burst has great color, can be used as a lip base, glossy finish, moisturized lips, and UV cut.
- Pink Trick and Mode Pink is colored, long-lasting, can be used as a lip base, moisturized lips, and UV cut.

See? It is only 480 Yen or Rp 57.000! But it was increased to twice up the real price after I got it.

KATE is famous for simple black packaging. Even though it is simple, I think this brand has cool atmosphere. That's why they used Kuroki Meisa as the model. I like her cold stare.

The packaging is similar to a lipbalm. Look at the inside packaging below:

Only a normal lipbalm packaging with black background color. It is very lightweight. But the size is big enough for me.

Even though it is said as a lip cream, I don't find it creamy. It is a solid balm and doesn't melt easily. That's why I said it would last me a long time.

Sorry, it is blurred. But I think the color is almost the same as Canmake Stay-on Balm Rouge #08 Juicy Peony.

On lips. It is not transparent at all. The CC Lip Cream has colored my lips. A bit shiny but not glossy. The Beat Red and Orange Burst shade must have more gloss.

It is very similar to Canmake Stay-on Balm Rouge. A lipbalm without gloss and very light on lips without being sicky. I like this kind of lip product the best rather than a creamy and oily lip product. Staying power is greater than Canmake. Even though I wiped my lips with water, without rubbing too much, it would stay still. After a few hours and re-touch, the pink color will turn red-der. I'm using it almost everyday because I like it a lot.

This is the color right after applying.

And this one is after a few re-touches. The color was bolder. Don't mind my Osewaya non-pierce earring. I look like a bad girl. My hairclips are also from Osewaya.

+ Cheap lip product.
+ Colored lipbalm without feeling sticky.
+ Long lasting color and gives stain.
+ The product will last long because the size is big.
+ Moisturized lips.
+ Good for natural makeup because the color is a pretty soft pink. Just don't re-apply too much so the color won't become bold.
- Hard to get in Indonesia (always). Should buy the nearest in SG.

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