Monday, April 11, 2016

Kose Visee CC Watery Foundation #OC405 SPF30 / PA++ & Slim Gel Liner #BK001 Black

Finally tried the Visee line from Kose. I have been interested of their makeup, especially the gel eyeliner and the CC range from Visee. Though I also wanted the eyeshadow (Visee Riche Glossy Rich Eyes in PK-3), I could bear not to buy anymore eyeshadow after Etude House Fantastic Color Eyes #7. I have too many eyeshadows and won't buy anymore even though I would be tempted by a limited edition (maybe?). Actually, I also bought the famous Lip & Cheek Cream RD-1 along with CC Watery Foundation and Slim Gel Liner. But I was confused about the color since I ordered PK-2 but came in RD-1, so I neglected my urge to use it for a while. Now, I will explain about these two products I bought from Visee Japan.

Visee is a sub brand from Kose. The other brand I have tried from Kose is the Fasio Shade Trick Eyes BL-2. But from what I have searched, it seems the Shade Trick Eyes is not available anymore in Japan. Right now, Visee's model is the famous model in Japan, Rola! I didn't know her that much. I often heard her name on some Japanese Youtube / web comments. But I never intend to search about her picture. Initially, upon writing this post, I need to search about Visee model and found her name again. So the pictures I've always looking at when searching for Visee makeup look (since 2 years ago) is indeed Rola! She has yellow-based skintone, a slightly tan woman with beautiful skin. I'm sure she's a half Japanese. You know, Japan's model is usually a half-born lady.

Visee's base is about natural, yellow-ish tone, while their eyeshadow usually comes in sophisticated color to complement the yellow-base makeup. The eyeshadow can play with many color ranges, from blue to magenta to khaki. I think the color is natural but pigmented for some bold color. The packaging is mainly black, gothic or vintage with lace.

01. Visee CC Watery Foundation #OC-405 with SPF30 / PA++

The CC range from Visee base makeup is famous from the foundation and the CC Concealer. The CC for its name derives from complete correction.

- The SPF is 30 and it is a decent SPF.
- CC Watery Foundation is a complete item of lotion, beauty essence, burning prevention, makeup base, and a foundation all in one. Because this foundation was introduced in summer 2015, it's mainly to protect from sun & sweat.
- Can cover pores and uneven color, followed by moisturizing skin and protects skin from drying.
- Contains hyaluronic acid, collagen, squalane, and peach leaf extract for moisturizing.
- It is fragrance-free so I like it a lot. I like soft floral scent, but a fragrance-free makeup is the one I love to prevent sneezing.

Ingredients (please translate to English yourself, it is easy because they are English names):

Colors available in 4 shades. But it is a yellow-based foundation, so it gives very natural skin color for everyone. I chose ochre OC-405, the lightest color. BO-310 is a beige ochre, for slightly yellow-ish skintone in lighter color. But even though I chose OC-405, it also gives me very yellow skin and darker than my hands. Quite natural indeed, as long as I don't wear clothes showing my neck.

Comes with bottle made from glass. It is slightly heavier than any of my foundation packaging, even compared with Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation. The cap can be opened by turning it. But! The liquid foundation comes through a big hole!! Thankfully I'm a careful person. If I neglect to clean the hole, it will be messed up by dry foundation later. Anyways, try to pour the liquid gently so it won't come out too much.

Because it is a liquid foundation, the texture is runny and watery. That's why with that kind of hole, it is hard not to over-pouring its liquid. For CC name, I don't know if it's true because I also can't believe a CC cream for a skincare & makeup. But yeah, Japan has made a few products with CC name on it such as KATE CC Lip Cream.

Visee is more yellow than my actual skintone. But the result is like my natural skin.

The CC Watery Foundation (Gosh, it reminds me of my own blog name) gives matte finish to my skin. But what amazed me is, it also gives glowing nose & cheek. But really, I feel this is matte! And no different than my KATE Powderless Liquid for Cover except it gives a bit glowy finish around nose. Weird. I thought they are the same. Beware to blend it evenly because at the first time I tried to use it, I could see some area on my cheek have different color. Maybe that's because it dries out fast from a liquid texture. I can either use my hand nor sponge to blend it. But if I use a sponge, I must blend it quickly. So I'd prefer to use my fingers, like KATE Powderless.

Even though the finish is matte, but on my nose is glowy.

Staying power is almost the same with KATE Powderless, around 6 hours, but won't create dots after melting. As for coverage, it can cover my acne marks well. I think medium coverage can be achieved with this foundation. The finish shade is too yellow for my skintone. But since I bought the lightest shade, I don't mind.

02. Visee Slim Gel Liner #BK001 Black

Actually, I didn't care about eyeliner pencil after my Etude Slim & Long Sharp Liner Pencil broke easily and not pigmented. But when I watched tutorial using pencil eyeliner with gel-name on it, which I forgot where, I thought it was easier than the Etude pencil. My mind comes to Visee since last year. But I didn't dare to buy a pencil eyeliner until I was sure to buy Visee product. The confusion increased whether to choose black or brown. But Visee's black gel liner is more famous than brown so I grabbed it.

Messed up in that size... I lost it for a picture.

- It is a retractable type comes with 1.5mm.
- The tip is round but very thin, it can create smooth & thin line in just one stroke.
- Waterproof type and contains beauty liquid ingredients (squalane).

Hard to be erased.

I was crazy enough to retract the pencil until it came out 1cm to see how long it is. But it can't be returned back so I lost my 2cm pencil!!! Just by using the broken 1cm stick, I could create a black & strong line on my hand. It can be smudged a little, before it becomes dry. After it have dried, it is the same as any waterproof eyeliner, smudge a little bit but not disappear. Even with Bifesta Cleansing Lotion, it is hard for me to erase this gel liner. Anyway, the black is truly intense like a liquid eyeliner. It is easy to do tightline using Visee Slim Gel Liner. But I must not retract it more than 5mm or it can't be returned. Oh btw, I can finally use a slim pencil eyeliner!

+ Semi-matte finish that won't look too dead matte.
+ Gentle formulation on skin.
+ Yellow-based shade that will suit natural makeup look for everyone.
+ Fragrance-free.
+ Smooth skin result without being sticky.
+ Cheap, around Rp 255.000 for a foundation. Moreover, it is from Japan. The same price as Canmake Smooth Liquid Foundation.
+ Coverage is medium.
+ Long staying power that won't melt.
- The bottle is not travel-friendly. It is heavy and easily broken.
- Must blend well or it will dry to an uneven color.

Try a red-undereyes makeup like that of Half'-makeup (this makeup is supposed to be good for someone who wish to be mixed-Japanese born, usually with Western). I used the two products, but the foundation becomes half-matte thanks to Canmake Blessed Natural Primer. Thanks to Canmake Secret Color Eyes trend. Btw, I'm not using Canmake, but Visee Lip & Cheek Cream RD-1. Arched eyebrows, highlighted nose, red underlids, and supposed to use fake lashes & contact lens are the concept of this makeup. Everything about bigger eyes!

+ Slim & thin pencil to create thin line, especially for tightlining.
+ Intense black eyeliner with only one stroke. The pencil is very creamy.
+ Waterproof and long staying power.
+ Cheap, around Rp 165.000!!
+ Can be smudged for shadow on the outer lid.
- The retracted pencil can't return back.
- Thin pencil can be broken easily.
- Too short! Just use it for around 10x and it has already empty. EDITED 7/25/16


  1. Oil-control nya bagus gak? Selama ini aku pakai KATE Powderless dan KATE BB Cream (old version) oil controlnya bagus, tapi sewaktu pake LUNASOL Liquid & Cream Foundationnya malah kurang bagus; gak sampe 2 jam muka greasy banget dan terpaksa timpa dengan powder *which I often avoid*

    | Yuanita for eyecandyforladies |

    1. Ah sorry, baru lihat komen dari Mei. Duh, aku jarang banget baca komen di blog dan forum apapun, suka terlewat. Iya oil controlnya sih lumayan karena matte tapi hati2 aja karena dia timbul bintik2 di sekitar hidung/dagu seperti KATE powderless kalau primernya ga cocok. Aku ga tau cuma di kulit kering aja atau semua. Kalau KATE Powderless sepertinya di semua orang, baca2 forum. Tapi bintik2 ini akan hilang setelah dibaur dengan jari, jangan pakai tissue malah kehapus foundation-nya.

      Aku ketemu sih caranya supaya ga banyak timbul bintik2. Pakai Etude House Moistfull Collagen-Holika Holika Nabi Cream Vitality-baru si Visee ini. Tapi hasilnya karena pakai Nabi cream jadi agak kinclong deh. Atau mungkin pakai moisturizer cream saja bisa.