Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar #3 Pink Salmon

The Two Tone Lip Bar from Laneige has actually launched in early 2015. This lipstick comes in two colors to create an easy gradation on lips. I actually thought the colors were not that great to be mixed before. But then I bought the Pink Salmon and decided it is a rare mixed colors on lips. I don't know about the others, but I really like Pink Salmon. for the soft looking orange lips. I don't look good in orange lips although I'd like to try some, but with this Laneige, it doesn't look too orange-y.

Some said Song Hye-kyo (Descendants of the Sun) used this range in the latest shade #11 Juicy Pop, but some scene also used Pink Salmon. I can't grab Juicy Pop faster in my country, so I picked the convenient way. Pink Salmon is a pretty shade too.

If you see the ads picture, it seems the pink complements all. But in reality, I found that the orange would always be the main color since the orange must be placed on the middle and have the largest side. I can use the pink on middle lips, but I don't like using bold color on the outside line. I think my lips becomes weird if I applied the reverse color.

Its packaging comes as usual, with silver box and snow ornaments that will reflect lights. It comes in a simple box and the ingredients is a bit hard to captured. Nevertheless, it contains many red colorants.

The lipstick has a sliding button like Menard. Though I believe Menard came out before Laneige. But the cap for Laneige is not built-in-one with the stick. Although the stick seems bulky, it isn't heavy at all.

Applied without lipbalm and seems chalky.

Pink and orange color is divided in slash shape. It is made to blur the orange tip with pink on lips. But I find it tricky to not blur the stick also. The orange shade is pigmented, while the pink is very sheer, almost mixed with my real lips color.

On lips, the orange looks bright. In the picture, it seems neon-like bright orange color. But in reality, it is not as vivid as that. It looks natural with pink gradation. The staying power is great too. If I don't eat / rub, it won't disappear. The finish is quite glossy. But I did proved that it is a bit drying. It moisturized lips on the inside but on visible term, it looks chapped. I like to use it on top of a lipbalm first. With lipbalm, the orange won't come as bright as without.

 Definitely don't like the reverse color gradation.

+ Pretty gradation can be achieved easily. I don't find it hard to make gradation.
+ Long staying power.
+ Glossy finish that will create plump lips.
+ I can either use one or two colors as I wanted.
+ Moisturized lips on the inside with great ingredients.
+ Comes in many gradation color to choose.
+ The orange looks bright but in reality, it creates natural finish.
- Expensive because Laneige is a department store brand.
- The visibility looks chapped on lips. Must apply lipbalm first.
- Not a must buy item since it is expensive and the size is not large (even though there are two colors, each is half normal size). The gradation can be achieved by different method.

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