Thursday, August 2, 2018

Sana Excel Skinny Rich Shadow #SR03 Royal Brown サナ エクセル スキニーリッチシャドウ #SR03 ロイヤルブラウン

Excel is an affordable makeup brand from Sana.
I previously owned Maikohan, which I bought from Singapore.
I really like its base makeup and moreover, the fragrance.
But the most famous brand from Sana is actually Excel.
It is a drugstore brand, same price range as Canmake.
Excel is very famous for its eye makeup item,
and the eyeshadow is Skinny Rich Shadow.
I bought in #SR03, Royal Brown.

Skinny Rich Shadow is a 4 colors brown-beige eyeshadow palette,
which is familiar to skin.
No discarded color from this palette-means all color will be used.
Just by putting them in order,
a rich gradation will be made into realization.

With fine pearls of elegant shine, no glare, adult shiny feelings.
The excellent gold-mix prescription, formulated luxuriously
with gold pearls familiar to the skin creates elegant eyes.
While moist and rich in texture, will stick together
to stretch and integrate with eyelids.
There is no powdery finish.
With squalane, it prevent dryness.

Colors :

SR01 Beige Brown : No.1 color that is easy to applied.
SR02 Real Brown : Refreshing gold-ish brown.
SR03 Royal Brown : Slightly pink nuance gives tender impression.
 SR04 Smokey Brown : Cool adult-like eyes with grey-ish brown.
SR05 Warm Brown : Marvelous orange-beige, smooth eye.
SR06 Sensual Brown : Sexy burgundy eyes.

Color chart:

I wanted to buy SR06, but the ready seller only have SR01-05.
So after watching the video about how to use this eyeshadow
from its web, my eyes went with SR03.
It is a feminine brown color that's also suitable for daily look.

Since Skinny Rich Shadow have brown tone in it,
I don't have to afraid of not using all colors, such as the description above.

Packaging is very sleek, similar to Rimmel.
It doesn't put mirror, but have a dual edge brush.
I think brush it the most important part in eyeshadow palette.

What I got from this palette is this beautiful pink-brown eyeshadow.
No.1 is a creme-lean-on-pink-ivory color.
No.2 is a coral pink with brown tone.
No.3 is a warm brown.
And no.4 is the usual dark chocolate.
All colors can be swiped well enough without much fallout, in satin finish.
They glides smoothly on lid without looking dry.

Surprisingly, even though they look sheer,
the color can be noticeable!
I think they're pigmented to be called a Japanese eyeshadow.

See when I closed my eyes above?
It looks like a coral-pink brown eyeshadow on my lid.
It is pink, but a bit on nude brown side.
Don't know why, suitable for its royal brown name,
I think the color looks like a royal English tea for afternoon party...
Suitable for office look, when I need some color to awaken my eyes.

Or build bold enough for party look.
It can be applied in any ways.
I think this will be my daily eyeshadow alongside Coffret D'or Full Smile Eyes
and the easy to use Aube Couture Brush Hitonuri Shadow.

Excel is also good for its eyebrow pencil!
Looking forward to try another makeup brand...
I feel good using Excel eyeshadow and some people compared it to Lunasol.
It is really a good pigmented daily eyeshadow.

+ A daily good for either work or party look eyeshadow.
+ Comes with a dual edge soft brush!
+ A royal brown that looks suitable for English tea party?
+ Colors are pigmented.
+ Without much fallout.
+ Affordable price, similar to Canmake.
+ Can be purchased in many online sellers here. Excel is very affordable to have alongside Canmake.
+ Easy to use without technique.
- Only brown variations.

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