Saturday, August 12, 2017

Revlon Colorstay 24hrs Makeup for Normal / Dry Skin with SPF20 #Ivory

Claims to be not matte or not dewy,
this foundation from Revlon will give natural skin finish.
Comes with SPF20 without PA.

While venturing to Japan & Korea's makeup,
I had an urge to try Western base makeup, after Bourjois.
Initially, I wanted to buy L'oreal.
But sinced I came to a Revlon counter, I grabbed this one.

I have very dry skin that sometimes cracked and hurt a lot.
The normal / dry type is the one I chose.
Available in 35 shades.
It will give flawless, demi-matte coverage that lasts up to 24 hrs.
Comfortable, lightweight formula specifically made
for normal or dry skin to provide a smooth, perfected look.

The BA said Ivory would suit my skintone.
So yeah, I purchased the lightest shade.
Between Ivory and Buff, Buff has yellow-tone, while Ivory is pinkish.

The bottle is made of plastic.
It doesn't feel too heavy, but bulky.

As I've said before, Ivory is porcelain-like pink finish.
The finish is matte, and not dewy at all.
But Revlon Colorstay is a bit heavy and dry.
I found using this is too dead white.
Even though I like following Korean trend of white skin sometimes,
I don't feel using this foundation helps to achieve a natural finish.

Left : bare face, Right : with Revlon Colorstay Foundation

I found most reviews dislike this foundation
because it would create dry patches.
I myself didn't experience that.
But I agree that this foundation is too dry for my very very dry skin.
Although that's my problem, I don't think it creates dry patch on me.
It is a decent foundation that stays long indeed,
without smudging and cakey.
It doesn't change for a whole day,
But I do wish it is not heavy.
For something of this price, Revlon Colorstay is a well product.

+ A matte finish that fit the skin.
+ Not cracking / melting on my very dry skin, even without moisturizer.
+ The bottle is light even though bulky.
+ Ivory is the perfect shade for me, a pink finish without yellow at all.
+ Cheaper than most Western brands. But it's already made in here.
+ Doesn't have scent so it's nose-friendly.
+ Coverage is light to medium so doesn't look like a mask.
- Sometimes, it will feel dry and patchy on dry skin.
- A bit heavy but still bearable.
- Even though Ivory fits my skintone, I don't feel right using it, especially without blusher.


  1. Your complexion looks great even without foundation!

    1. Thank You ^ ^ This was taken in the morning. But as the time goes by, it will look very dull in the evening.. (sigh..)