Thursday, August 17, 2017

Etude House Fix and Fix Primer Tone Up #01 Rose with SPF33 / PA++

Fix and Fix Primer is a tone up primer before using foundation.
While I should buy the Face Blur again,
as always, my eyes came up to the new thing.
I picked #Rose since my skin was dull around the eyes.
But in the end, I'm always wearing it on the whole face.

What it is
Tone-up primer provides flawless skin base by correcting skin to make it look smooth and bright.
Rose color corrects dull skin tone and makes skin tone look revitalized.

How to apply
After using skincare products, evenly apply an appropriate amount on the face in the direction of skin texture before applying cushion or makeup.

My skin is fair, it has redness around nose & cheeks,
and some dullness around eyes & mouth.
I was in lost between picking the Rose or Mint.
But since my sister already have the green base from Innisfree,
I could share it with her.
So I chose pink base considering I already have green.

The tube is very thin, with pink theme background.
It looks more stylish than Etude's old packaging for base makeup.
The cap is round type and easy to turn.
Design is sleek and simple.
Thankfully, it has SPF too.

The part when this primer was spread became more oily.

It looks like any Korean color base makeup.
Sticky / oily, thick, dry.
I love wearing it alone without foundation because it looks natural.
But it doesn't cover acne marks
Coverage is very thin.
But it gives dewy finish, without looking very oily.
It appears when I'm wearing this primer,
my cheeks looks more flushed & red.
It's cute though.

Compared to Innisfree green base, Etude Fix and Fix is more fitting.
Innisfree is more watery in texture.
Same stickiness though.

I didn't put it on my neck. But I swear it doesn't create ghostly face like usual color primer.
This one is more natural

I dislike how it does on my nose.
Since my skin is very dry & flaky,
It shows more of the dry patches.
That's the only thing I don't like from this primer.
Either way, it can tone up my skin,
That cushion is too dark for my skin.
But by using this primer first, won't tone down my skin color.
I couldn't do it with Holika Holika Nabi Cream before.
Of course with this primer, the Sooryehan cushion didn't get cracked too.
It sits well for a whole day on my face.

Wearing the primer alone.
On the smiling picture, you can see some bad flaky skin, zoom.

Using Sooryehan Bichaek Jadan cushion on top of this primer.
It looks white, right?
I've wrote about it being the same color as my neck.
But with this Fix and Fix Primer, the Bichaek Jadan fits my actual body's tone.
Because my neck is darker than most of my body.

+ A tone up primer that will liven up dull skin.
+ It is not too oily.
+ Helps to prolong the foundation wearing time.
+ Doesn't have strong scent.
+ Not too expensive, only used a little bit.
+ Maintain dewy skin all day. Tried it without foundation.
- Emphasizing dry skin / flaky.
- Can't be used alone for trouble skin such as acne.

 Again, using this primer alone. Should have put it on my neck also.
I'm wishing my hair will grow quicker, it's been 4 months since I cut it.

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