Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Innisfree Real Fluid Rouge #10 Moonlight Wine

I previously owned the natural color #1 Ballerina Pink.
It is very cute and lovely, very love the lipgloss.
This is supposed to be a lip stain, but doesn't stay long.
But let's see for the darker color #10 Moonlight Wine.

Moonlight Wine is a cherry purple color.
Similar to Creammellow Lipstick #9 but in liquid form.
It is pigmented and bold.

Same as no.1, it has sweet candy scent & taste a little bit sweet.
But the taste and scent will disappear after a few seconds.

The applicator is hard and stiff.
Not suitable to wear a clean bold color.
It will look messy.

The swatch on hand.

Swatch on lips.

It feels heavier like a lipgloss.
But after a few minutes, it will settled to lips for fitting finish look.
But still, it can transfer easily, especially on teeth!
I'd prefer wearing it sheer for daily look because Moonlight Wine is bold!
Same as the other color, it is very moisturizing.

Left : full lips, right : gradient color

This is after I wiped some color on tissue.
The color is sheer-er and more fitting to daily makeup.
This is also the proof it stays longer than Ballerina Pink.

Overall, this color is not my type.
But I like the scent, even though I dislike something scented.
For Innisfree, I can bear any of their scent.
If I run out of this product, definitely will pick Ballerina Pink again.
Though I might wear it on some occassion, when I need something vibrant on my lips.

+ Moisturizing lipgloss.
+ It will turn to fitting type after a few minutes.
+ Not too expensive.
+ Can create gradient lips easily.
+ Doesn't emphasize dry area.
+ Easy to spread.
+ Stays longer than sheer color.
- The applicator is hard to apply a clean finish.
- Transferring everywhere easily.
- The color is too bold for my everyday makeup.

Again, full and gradient lips in pouting pose ^ ^

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