Sunday, August 6, 2017

Revlon Balm Stain #001 Honey Douce & Super Lustrous Lipstick #415 Pink in the Afternoon

There's some recommendation about Revlon's Honey on my blog comment.
I quickly search about it at store and found it finally!
Honey Douce is a pink-honey color, sits naturally on lips.
While the Super Lustrous Lipstick is only a bonus I got.

01. Revlon Balm Stain #001 Honey Douce

I previously owned #015 Cherish Devotion.
I had difficulty of differentiating Balm Stain or Just Bitten.
But I think the latest product is called Balm Stain.
Either way, they are a stained lipstick in crayon packaging.

Honey Douce is a cool pink with slightly bit of brown / yellow like a honey.
It does appear pink, anyway.
Same as the other Revlon lip crayon, it has mint sensation and cooling effect.

And yeah, it has shimmers!
But it won't be noticeable after application.
Though after rubbing it and leaves a stain, the shimmer will appear again.

Have I told you this color is very natural on my lips and skintone?
Yep, it won't get any darker, unlike Cherish Devotion.
Honey Douce here will look just the same after the first swatch.
Super love the color and I wore it almost everyday to work.

See? The color looks like my real lips color, slightly fresh and pigmented.

Well, it is dark here for some reason, I don't know?

Left : applying many times, right : after rubbing with water and it leaves a stain.

+ A natural color for fair skintone.
+ It leaves a stain, even after rubbing with water.
+ Has cool peppermint taste.
+ Even if I swatches it so many times, the color won't get any darker than on the picture.
+ Moisturized my lips well.
+ Suitable for natural makeup or anything.
+ Doesn't emphasize dry lips.
+ Not too expensive.
- Has shimmers. Some people won't like it. But it's not noticeable.

02. Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick #415 Pink the the Afternoon

It's actually a free gift after purchasing over Rp 250k.
Super Lustrous Lipstick is a normal lipstick without stain.
It is creamy and the "creme" type doesn't have shimmer.

I swatched many colors at the counter but none seem good for me.
The BA said Pink in the Afternoon would suit people who like natural color.
So I grabbed this one as a bonus.

Doesn't have scent or taste, a normal lipstick.
I should be happy with it.
But it doesn't moisturized my lips, although not emphasizing dry area.
I gave it to mom since it wasn't my preference.
And she didn't like it too.

Pink in the Afternoon looks like a coral pink color.
It is too bright for me.
I don't prefer this kind of color actually.

This is why I don't like bright colored lipstick.
On the picture, my lips is the only one popped out.

+ A bright colored lipstick for those who wants to pop their lips out.
+ Doesn't emphasize dry parts.
+ Light and travel-friendly.
+ Cheap.
+ Doesn't have shimmer and the texture is creamy.
- Doesn't moisturize my lips.
- Too bright for everyday lipstick.
- Design is boring and looks cheap.

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