Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Shiseido Maquillage Snow Beauty Short Dorama Summary 2015-2017

All of you must have been wondering what is Snow Beauty powder from Maquillage.
I've made a post about this powder before, you can check this post.
But you couldn't understand the short dorama, made by Shiseido.
Actually, I has posted this on my Facebook since the beginning of those dramas.
But you wouldn't know my FB ID, right?
So, I made a post summary of the movie here, from 2015 to 2017.

Every summer, the packaging will change, but the concept of product is the same.
It can be used either as normal powder nor skincare at night.
The packaging will be based on a winter in every country.
2014 packaging is about seven snow crystals all over the world.
2015 packaging is Finland's shining snow at night.
2016 packaging is inspired by New York's dancing diamond dust.
And the latest 2017 packaging is called beautiful snow moment,
inspired by Prague's evening light wrapped in snow.

Sato Yuria's channel introducing the 2017 Snow Beauty.

2015 Short Dorama Summary & Link:

(Snow Beauty) 16mins webdrama from Shiseido tells a story about Yuki Onna (Snow Woman), Nikaido Fumi, lives in present day. Her wish is to meet her crush again and works in a bar, but a half man (half human & Yuki-otoko), Hoshino Gen, approaches her to a date. She believes that snow just comes at winter, but the man shows her unbelievable summer snow to grant her wish. Try watching if you can understand Japanese because it doesn't have subtitle yet. Beautiful scene, yet short duration.

Most of the video from 2015 & 2016 are deleted by Shiseido.
So find yourself a good one.
I just found this one without audio:

2016 Short Dorama Summary & Link:

Shiseido Maquillage 2016 Snow Beauty short movie ads (13:51). Following the 2015 movie with Fumi Nikaido (A Restaurant with Many Problems, Wolf Girl and Black Prince) as main cast and changed the male cast to Kubota Masataka (Death Note 2015, Flowers for Algernon 2015). 2015 movie link is at my post last year, just scroll down.

One day, a girl wakes up at the winter train station with a train officer. They have nothing to do in the boring station so decided to paint the windows & walls a summer color. The train officer told her to go outside and see what she have drawn in snow. But after some fun moments dancing with the train station, she wakes up after the dream because her snow dome falls and shattered. She is a drawer/illustrator. To fix her snow dome, she goes to a snow dome's seller and meets the train station again, now as the seller.
PS: Shiseido Maquillage Snow Beauty is a multi-purpose pressed powder that can be used either day or night as a treatment. Costs around 7,020Yen!

I can't find anymore movie of 2016 Snow Beauty.
PLEASE WATCH ASAP 2017 2 VERSIONS before it is deleted!!!

2017 Short Dorama Summary & Link:

Version 1
Shiseido Maquillage Snow Beauty 2017 (Natsu no Sora ni, Furu Yuki ha-The Snow Falls on Summer Sky).
This one is the first video from the whole Snow Beauty's short dorama. It tells about a lady, Tsubaki, comes to a laundry shop to clean her white dress. Before the man who owned the laundry tried to fix it, snow fell. Tsubaki told him that she dislike snow because it have short life. After she grabs it, it will melt and just dampened her heart.

After some conversation, the man tells he won't be able to fix the dress quickly, along with his feelings that he wants to capture her. But Tsubaki said she had a husband. Although he had gone now. But eventually, she will follow that husband in no time. Then, she casts a spell to the laundry owner. He will be able to fix the dress in further years ahead, will meet her again though she won't remember him, and the snow will fall when spell occurs. 80 years later, she met the same girl. After she left, the snow fell. It made him think about Tsubaki again. He likes snow and her smile, but he has been loving her for a long time now. To be continued on 「21:25東京発、プラハ行き」 "21:25 From Tokyo, to Prague"
Artist : Takahashi Issei, Takei Emi

Version 2
Shiseido Maquillage Snow Beauty 2017 (21:25 Tokyo-hatsu, Praha Iki-21:25 From Tokyo, To Prague) Short Dorama.
The continuation of 「夏ノ空ニ、降ル雪ハ」 Natsu no Sora ni, Furu Yuki ha "The Snow Fall on Summer Sky"

Another one in 2017 after 3 years. Hana needs to go to Prague to meet her boyfriend. She is afraid if it's to ask her about marriage. So she makes an excuse on her first date dress she have. It is dirty and if she can clean it, she'll go. Then, she brought it to a nearby laundry shop with a weird uncle, saying he can clean it up.He asked to make a coffee, but he said it was not tasty. While drinking coffee, she told him her worries. She is afraid to love someone forever, if that feelings will change someday. It reminded him of his long-years love.

Anyway, he puts a magic powder (Maquillage Snow Beauty powder) after cleaning her dress so Hana won't have a regret. And if so, he hopes it will be a good regret.
Please watch another video first before this one. But it is like a separate story comes together in the end so still alright to watch either first.
Artist : Takahashi Issei, Takei Emi

Still think the 2015 movie is the best.
I don't like the concept of 2016 movie, boring.
And 2017 is  a good sad story, but I don't like Issei's bored face.
I would prefer different actor that would represent a good sad emotion,
maybe someone like Miura Haruma?


  1. Hi can advice what's e diff between snow beauty and shiseido white lucent brightening powder?

    1. Sorry can't help since never tried of them. But Snow Beauty has skincare ingredients for nighttime. I don't think White Lucent have it.