Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Integrate Real Fit Liquid Foundation #OC10 with SPF30 / PA++ インテグレート リアルフィットリキッド ファンデーション

Integrate from Shiseido launched a moist foundation.
This is called Real Fit Liquid.
A liquid foundation with dewy finish like after a steam care treatment.
I got the sample size that can be used 5-7 times
from purchasing Beauty Make Book.

This is a liquid foundation that blends perfectly like bare skin, but better.
This mineral type liquid foundation is gentle on skin.
Giving you the moist, firm, and natural look.
Has a luminous, matte finish that looks naturally smooth and polished.
With SPF30 that gives you basic sun protection
without drying out the natural moisture of your skin.
Product is in lightweight, watery texture which can glide easily on skin.
Shiseido applies its special technique, "Agar Crush Technique",
to its foundation product for the first time.
As a result, Shiseido Integrate Real Fit Liquid is able
to give that super moist look.
Paraben-free and non-fragrance.

Shake well before use.

As always, Integrate and Shiseido are known for red.
But Integrate's most colors are white & red too, with heart shaped pattern.
The Real Fit Liquid's bottle is very simple, and the normal size is in rectangular shape.
Instead of a foundation, that reminds me of a block.

Left : bare face, right : with Integrate Real Fit Liquid.
OC10 is about the same tone as my real skin.

Can you see it?
My bare face is actually doesn't have much problem.
But this foundation really creates glowing skin.
It comes in a watery texture that changes to a matte finish, with glowing effect.
It does similar to the already discontinued Mineral Watery Foundation N.
But this one is more dewy and fitting to skin.
I supposed I should've bought this one instead of Mineral Watery Foundation N.
But I like it too nonetheless.
I will purchase the normal size later obviously.
I'm in love with Integrate now, more than KATE...

This foundation doesn't give me cakey finish,
smudge, or cracked during wearing time from 08.00-22.00.
I really love this!
It doesn't have scent as always, like a normal drugstore foundation from Japan.
And covering most of acne marks, without looking fake.

In different lighting ^ ^

+ A liquid that turns to matte texture with glowing effect.
+ Doesn't smudge / crack / cakey without primer. Stays for a long time.
+ Covering my acne marks very well.
+ Doesn't emphasize dry skin.
+ Lightweight, fitting for skin like my second skin.
+ Doesn't smudge even in hot weather.
+ Only need very little drops to cover all my face, and a few taps around acne mark / dark circle.
+ Easy to blend with only finger and already covered well.
+ It reflects light without feeling greasy.
- Hard to get, only through PO in Japan.
- It won't cover flaky skin even though not emphasizing it.

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