Sunday, July 2, 2017

PAUL & JOE Beaute Moisturizing Foundation Primer S #01 Dragee with SPF15 / PA+ ポール & ジョー ボーテ モイスチュアライジング ファンデーション プライマー S #01 ドラジェ

Moisturizing Foundation Primer S does more than prep skin for makeup application,
its superior formulation also corrects complexion to create clear, natural skin.
While retaining the same proven texture and finish of popular PAUL & JOE Primers,
the Moisturizing Foundation Primer S contains an increased amount
of orange flower water to condition skin and also contains
two additional types of sodium hyaluronate for superior skin hydration.
With three universal shades to choose from, this new primer is suited
to correct any skin care concerns and enhance overall skin tone.

I've been eye-ing this primer ever since I watched Miki-pon channel on Youtube.
She often uses Paul & Joe base makeup, including the foundation.
Since I need more moisture on skin, I chose the Moisturizing Foundation Primer S.
This is a primer that creates glowing skin, with medium coverage.
Uh, what would I mean about primer with medium coverage?
You will understand later.

The Moisturizing Foundation Primer has pink cap.

Look at how pretty the tube is.
There's a flower pattern emboss on the tube.
The tube itself is in transparent antique color.
Reminds me of an art in the museum.

The box consists of English texts so everyone can understand.

Also for ingredients

The Paul & Joe Moisturizing Foundation Primer is actually a primer!
But it has great coverage as a primer.
It does have small shimmers but unnoticeable once settled on skin.
The scent is a mild floral.
Once it is settled, it won't be smell-able.

I really love its design. Clean, cute, elegant in one bottle.

And in a pump type cap. Hygienic.
The cream comes out enough for 1-2 pumps every usage.

Texture is very watery.
But once it is absorbed, it will get semi-matte, glowing.
To cover most of my breakouts (from Innisfree Green Tea skincare line),
I need to put the cream for 4-5 times.
It needs a large amount of cream,
but I prefer using it alone without foundation for more better experience.
It makes me feel like really using a Paul & Joe product,
rather than the foundation brand on top of it.

Swatch on hand. It seems oily for a few minutes. But it'll be semi-matte later.

Well, you can see I had serious breakouts. Redness everywhere.
It covers mostly on the part without acne.
But I need more cream at them.
I used this picture where my skin was very bad so everyone can see the real effect.

Don't mind to use before foundation though.
It works great as a primer too.
and it sticked well without creating dots around nose.
My Bichaek Jadan is famous for its naughty cream...
I only found Etude House Beauty Shot Face Blur that worked find with it.
But now, the Paul & Joe primer also did great too!

+ Light to medium coverage, a good one for a primer.
+ Moisturizing, didn't create dry patches on skin.
+ Can be used as a primer alone, or also good as a foundation.
+ Easy to blend. But need to put more for better coverage.
+ Nice scent. Not too overwhelming.
+ Semi-matte finish with mostly glowing.
+ As a primer, it makes the foundation sticks very well.
+ A few minutes after application, it seems oily. But after 30 minutes, it will be semi-matte finish on skin.
+ Pretty pump packaging for hygienic product.
- Expensive as a primer! It also need more product to get medium coverage. But the quality is very good. So I don't mind.

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