Friday, July 7, 2017

PAUL & JOE Beaute Gel Blush #003 Onirique ポール & ジョー ボーテ ジェル ブラッシュ 03 オニリック

This water-rich (H2O) dense formula of this hydrating Gel Blush
creates the perfect dewy glow for every skin type.
The moisture rich ingredients offers a unique "cooling" sensation
while the luminous, lightweight texture makes it a dreamy choice for sheer summertime color!
A blush launched as Daydream Believer for summer 2017.

There are three colors for this summer new product, the Gel Blush.
The 001 Fantasy is a redish pink color, 002 Monde Imaginaire is a coral pink,
and 003 Onirique is a beige coral.
Well, I just thought of taking the 002 home before.
But then I realized, I have too many coral blushers.
The beige looks delicious as a bronzer / eyeshadow too, so I chose 003 Onirique.

For 2017 summer theme collection, the box contains various drawings.
The Gel Blush is not an exception.
Its box is full of beach theme party in white and blue color.

Zoom for better texts.

The packaging box is quite cheerful and bright.
But none of this is picking my interest.

Well, the case also put the same beach drawing.
It is a cheek color gel blush.
Size wise, this blush is bigger in diameter than usual blusher packaging.
I think it is worth to buy.

Look at this gel blush.
The color is pink-coral-beige, perfect for summer makeup.
But it is sheer, so must be applied numerous times.
For texture, it is a gel with cooling effect, something similar to Integrate Water Balm Shadow.
But this one is more fluffy and thin, and not dry after a few seconds application.
Texture is soft like a gel cream, bouncy, and glides easily for blending
Touching it is like touching cool jelly.

Swatch on hand. It is very sheer even after 3-4 swatches. Has glitters.

On cheeks, nose bridge, and on top of eyelid.
It is not actually whole eyelid, I put Innisfree Mineral Single Shadow Matt #01 first.

And this one is on the whole eyelid. Not actually visible, right?

It almost doesn't have scent, just slightly floral and damp.
Texture is gel, with cooling effect after applying on skin.
Creates glowing finish because of some shimmers.
It is refreshing for hot weather like nowadays.
Stays long on my dry skin, for all day.
Very love this blush, the color looks natural on me too.

+ A multipurpose blush and eyeshadow.
+ Little shimmers that won't be overwhelming.
+ Has cooling effect that will refresh skin.
+ Easy to use, just with finger. The texture is very soft and bouncy.
+ Creates a soft glow.
+ Size is bigger than most Japanese drugstore cream blush, compared to Canmake.
+ The scent is a bit of orange water that is not overwhelming and fresh. Almost no scent.
+ It can be used as light-colored bronzer too!
- Expensive but worth the price.
- Unnoticeable on darker skintone.

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