Thursday, June 1, 2017

Canmake Perfect Stylist Eyes #07 Gateau Framboise キャンメイク パーフェクトスタイリストアイズ

This is the second Perfect Stylist Eyes I bought.
Previously, I already purchased #04 Lady Beige that's already discontinued in Japan.
Now, I bought the famous from last year, #07 Gateau Framboise. 
I think this is the same color and texture with Secret Color Eyes #02 Sweet Fairy.

This eyeshadow contains 5 colors and each have their own function.
You can choose main color between natural (beige) or bright style (pink).
The three colors : topping jewel, pink, and beige looks similar to Secret Color Eyes #02.

This is after opening the plastic seal.

There's nothing new in the packaging.
They are the same as the old Lady Beige version.
But in texture wise, it does have improvement.
The Lady Beige's texture is stiff and the powder is sticky.
But this Gateau Framboise's powder texture is exactly powdery and easy to glide.

No.1 is a beige shimmer powder. It does not stand out on eyelid.

It doesn't create much fallout and stays long all day on my dry skin.
But my everyday to wear eyeshadow is to put normal powder first before using the color eyeshadow.

The pink is very bright if you use it alone on upper crease.
I prefer to use it like Secret Color Eyes, putting on the lower eyeline.
This creates feminine & cute makeup.
But I'm a bit sad because I already have Secret Color Eyes and this eyeshadow looks the same.
Oh well, I'd better be happy because the topping jewel is very shiny.
I like it more than Secret Color Eyes.

Below is using all colors ABCDE:

And then, only used ABDE (Natural style):

The last, using ACDE (Bright style):

I think, because the pink is too bright, it is not suitable to wear daily or try not to put it on upper lid (use it like Secret Color Eyes).

+ Fine powder with minimum fallout.
+ Stays long without smudging for one day.
+ The pink is very pigmented.
+ Love the topping jewel color because it can create plump eyes really good.
+ Price is affordable.
+ Design is compact, with mirror and dual brush.
- Color choices are the same with Secret Color Eyes and it makes me regret.
- The pink color is not suitable for daily makeup.

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