Sunday, June 11, 2017

JILL STUART Nude Couture Eyes #02 Mauve Brown ジルスチュアート ヌードクチュールアイズ

Bring shadow to your eyes with a glistening luster.
Six eye colors that bring you a sensual gaze.

Guess what? This is my first JILL STUART cosme!
I finally got the urge to buy JILL STUART after so many years.
It's not like this is the first dept store brand I bought.
But JILL STUART is very famous for kawaii brand channel.

It is a limited edition item for summer 2017 collection.
Although their Mix Blush is the most popular item,
I'm more interested in the eyeshadow for this limited range.
I can buy the Mix Blush anytime later...


Actually, there are three limited summer 2017 products: Blooming Dew Oil in Blush, Forever Juicy Oil Rouge Glow, and Nude Couture Eyes.

As you can see. I bought #02 Mauve Brown.
Mauve Brown palette is a mauve brown set that deepens your feminity with subtle nuances.
It is the main color of this limited range eyeshadow.
And as the website's said, it comes with a pink box decorated with strawberries.

There are a few videos reviewing this product, one of them is from Mimi TV by Natsu:

Swatch of Nude Couture Eyes #01 & #02 from Miruku Miruku (Milk):

This is a bit boring because her voice is very small and I can't hear well. But she explained every item thoroughly, in Japanese!

Most people buy the main color, #02 Mauve Brown.
It is a mixed of pink and brown color in one palette.
All powders are glittery, typical Japanese eyeshadow.
Jill Stuart cosme is based in Japan, so I can say it is a Japan's product right?

And this here is the box!
Full of summer red-yellow flowers...

From this upper side

I can't stop admiring at the case.
It is very pretty and blinking.
The case is very sturdy, I don't think it will get opened in the bag.
The mirror inside is also very clean.
There's a plastic separator and two dual-ended brushes.

The crystal-like case with flowers & leaves stamp.

Front and behind it

You can see the JILL STUART logo on the plastic separator.

Removing the separator.

Again, closer look at the powdery eyeshadow.

If you have KATE Brown Shade Eyes #BR-3 Sepia, then they will look similar.
Except that Jill Stuart Nude Couture Eyes have more colors.
There are 6 colors available in one palette of mauve theme color.
And the scent is very cute!
Yep, this eyeshadow also have scent like Rimmel Chocolat Sweet Eyes.
But this one is a powdery sweet scent, rather than vanilla / chocolate.

Color Swatches. From left are the three colors at the upper palette,
and three more colors after it are from the lower palette.
I like no.2 from right the most, pink brown.

Jill Stuart Nude Couture Eyes' powder texture is smooth and glides easily on skin.
As I've told, this eyeshadow is very similar to KATE Brown Shade Eyes.
It doesn't create many fallout but staying power is not too great.
By the time I went for a break at the office, it's already smudge a little bit on the outer corner.
But the rest is fine, just the darker outer corner & lighter color to create plump eyes being blended without trace.
Anyway, it is a decent performance eyeshadow, despite its price!

Using all colors. I put my favorite color (I mentioned above) on the middle eyelid so it created a mauve pink brown color.

But I don't regret buying it.
 Despite the decent quality, it have an elegant feelings inside.
Well, I won't buy Jill Stuart everyday though.
It's still not my favorite brand at the moment.
Maybe by trying the other product like its blush, I will change my mind?
I'm praying everytime I'm about to use the powder eyeshadow,
so that the abstract leaf pattern won't disappear easily.

All pictures were using the sponge applicator from JILL STUART. It's sturdy and easy to use. A good applicator it is.

Natural color gradation. Suitable for daily.

+ The powder is soft and doesn't create many fallout.
+ The applicator sponge is also smooth and can pick up the powder very well.
+ The case is very sturdy although a bit bulky.
+ Pigmented enough even though it is considered as sheer eyeshadow.
+ The scent is lovely! Too overwhelming but it doesn't stay long on crease.
+ You can create natural gradation using any color. There are 6 colors available for mauve theme.
+ Mirror is packed too and it is very useful for travelling.
+ Very love the pink color E / shading color! It shows out well without looking dry.
- Very expensive!
- The gradation can't stay very long. But they're still visible though, just smudge a little.
- Drugstore eyeshadow can make this kind of powder eyeshadow too! Try Kanebo KATE.

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