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Integrate Beauty & The Beast Beauty Make Book #10 Intelligent and Clean Pure Face インテグレートビューティーメークブック ディズニー映画「美女と野獣」限定デザイン

Japan just got the chance to watch Beauty and the Beast in April 2017.
Which means one month late than my country.
My recently favorite brand, Integrate, just launched a makeup theme inspired by the movie.
It is called Beauty Make Book, because it contains eyeshadow and cheek cream.
Actually, Integrate also renewed the packaging for Juicy Balm Gloss and its perfume, Love Illusion.

I'm not actually a fan of Beauty and The Beast 2017.
I thought it's a bit boring, despite I like Belle's strong personality.
But I don't think I can miss trying Integrate's eyeshadow that comes in a palette of 4 plus blush.
I previously had owned Integrate's Water Balm Shadow and very intrigued by the cooling effect of it.

Make-up palette that includes three eye shadow colors that you can mix and match
to make natural beauty impression, and cheek coloring
that makes you look like you are naturally blushing.
Be smartly beautiful like Belle!

This Beauty Make Book comes in two different color sets.
#10 for Intelligent and Clean pure Face theme (with Juicy Balm Gloss RD373):

And #20 for Gorgeous and Ellegant Princess Face (with Juicy Balm Gloss RD575):

And then, picture for the renewal Juicy Balm Gloss with the same price as the original:

And the perfume, Love Illusion, which doesn't pick my interest because I dislike perfume:

Picture of the three models using it with the theme of becoming a good woman:

Kaho & Nana were using Juicy Balm Gloss in  RD373 & Beauty Make Book 10, while Hikari used the other color alone.

And the Beauty Make Book I picked is #10 Pure Face:

I didn't know why I picked this one. Because "Bijo to Yajuu / Beauty and the Beast" is supposed to have red color theme.
I think it's because the blue is more wearable than the darker #20.
But actually, I couldn't think of any difference between #10 & #20 because they look the same.
Just #20 have more darker & deeper colors than #10.
The base color for #10 is pinkish, while #20 is goldish. That's all.

Lucky, I got the Real Fit Liquid sample too. It's the latest foundation.

After removing the sample bottle. It have "Limited Edition" text written on it.

And the back cover. There's how to use picture.

[Eye Shadow]
Talc, dimethicone, borosilicate (Ca / Al), diisostearyl malate, silica, petrolatum, zinc oxide, Mg myristate, hydroxyapatite, diphenyl dimethicone, diphenylsiloxyphenyl trimethicone, di (maleyl linoleic acid di (isostearyl / Cross polymer, (dimethicone / (PEG-10/15)) crosspolymer, pentaerythrityl tetraethylhexanoate, triethylhexanoin, zinc myristate, sorbitan sesquiisostearate, chromium hydroxide, microcrystalline wax, tin oxide, triethoxy Capryllysilane, DPG, tocopherol, alumina, ethylparaben, chlorphenesin, mica, synthetic phlogopite, titanium oxide, iron oxide, Ba sulfate, gunjou, yellow 4

Methyl methacrylate crosspolymer, dimethicone, cetyl ethylhexanoate, isopropyl myristate, triethylhexanoin, diphenylsiloxyphenyl trimethicone, polyethylene, paraffin, mineral oil, (vinyl dimethicone / methicone silsesquioxane) crosspolymer, (diphenyl dimethicone / Vinyl diphenyl dimethicone / silsesquioxane) cross polymer, microcrystalline wax, sorbitan sesquiisostearate, lauryl PEG-9 polydimethylsiloxyethyl dimethicone, silica, talc, tocopherol, triethoxy capryllysilane, hydrogen dimethicone, tin oxide, zinc oxide, BHT, tetrahydropyran tetramethylcyclotetrasiloxane, tetradecene, mica, titanium oxide, iron oxide, sulfate Ba, carmine, Gunji C, Red 226, Red 202

Video for swatches:

For those who consider buying #20, Hoshinoko-chan made a review:

The book case have a rubber to close it tight. And the back cover has heart logo from Integrate.

A teapot at beige color and a cup at blue color.

Just want to show the main text : True Beauty is found within.

There's a plastic separator. The text is shown in yellow like the picture above.

Color swatches:

Well, the blue is not pigmented.
It shows out very glittery.
All colors have large glitters.
And the cheek color is a bit weird because it reflects light.
But well, let's see the swatch on eyes & cheeks below.

The eyeshadow is easy to glides.
Minimum fallout, even if there is large glitter.
The highlight beige color is very easy to pick with finger.
I've tried using brush for the brown & blue color, but it's still easier to use finger!
And more pigmented rather than using brush.

Fortunately, even though cream blush is dry, it does a very good job at reflecting light on skin.
Gives a bright and glowy cheeks.
 The cheek color & eyeshadow stays for a long time.
I found that the blue glitter is not pigmented so it's better to use under eyes / on middle creases.

Using all eyeshadow & cheek color. Lips was using Juicy Balm Gloss RD373. On this picture, I used brush for brown & blue color.

On this picture, I used finger for all colors. They are more pigmented like this, right?

+ The eyeshadow + blush in one palette.
+ Easier to use by finger so you don't need a brush.
+ Sheer but natural color for beige & brown.
+ The blue is perfect for a highlight color.
+ Minimum fallout.
+ Doesn't irritate skin & eyes.
+ Pretty cheap for one palette. Around Rp 270k.
+ Very love the blush! It reflects light and creates glowy skin.
+ Stays for a whole day without smudging.
+ The powder texture is very light, glides easily even without using brush.
- Limited edition and hard to get. 
- Specifically for blue, it contains large glitter so not suitable for daily use.

Still can't recognize the blue? Don't worry. It's not only your eyes. Mine also can't see it. Because rather than blue, it contains white large glitters and doesn't show blue.

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