Monday, June 19, 2017

GEO Berry Cessy #Brown Softlens

This is the second GEO softlens I bought.
 I wanted a natural diameter, so I chose 14.2mm.
The brown is very light and noticeable.

This GEO Berry Cessy has transparent color on the lens,
so when you wearing this lens, it'll be the natural color of iris.
Diameter is 14.2mm with 42% water content.
I'm surprised it is said can be used for 12 months.
Well, it's a big no. I won't use it that long.

Yup, come in a bottle.

Light-colored lens with three colors.

Even though this is 14.2mm, it seems small for me.
I think it doesn't enlarge my eyes.
I'm glad since I love normal size.
Wear it for 6+ hours and still comfortable.

Zoom. Didn't use mascara, only used Shu Uemura Eye Curler.

I don't have any problem with this lens.
Overall, a good quality softlens.
But I wanted a dark brown color rather than hazel.
Oh my, I think I'll try the gray version after I trash this one.
But I like it too for some occassion.

+ Small lens for natural eyes.
+ Comfortable even though it's small.
+ This brighten overall face complexion.
+ Cheap and can be used for months.
+ The middle lens is transparent and can show the real eye color.
- There is no natural dark color for my eyes.

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