Saturday, February 11, 2017

Kose Esprique Precious Eyecolor Selection N BL910 & GR710

I've been eye-ing Kose Esprique for quite a while now. I really like the Japanese blue shade for eyeshadow. It reminds me of clear blue sky and the sparkling curacao syrup. Actually, I wanted to buy the Select Eye Color BL902 and PK801. But I only found the South East Asia range from Precious in Indonesia. I guess I can't hope for the latest Japan's trend rather than from Paul & Joe or Lunasol, even in dept store brand.

From above to low, types of the eyeshadow: cream base (SP010, SP011, SP012), highlight color (WT013, BE310, PK810), accent color (PU110, SV014-BL910), deep color (BR312, BR313, BL911).

This Precious line is introduced in 2009, this post have it and I think the line is not sold in Japan anymore. While I was eye-ing for GR710 and PK812 there, the BA couldn't find PK so I chose green instead. That was my second choice after pink. And so, I finally bought the blue and green color, because I rarely buy those color on the palette, and according to my sister's suggestion.

Esprique is a department store brand from Kose, famous for 25-50+ mature ladies. I couldn't think of Esprique as having a bold look. But their eyeshadow color is mesmerizing and sparkling for my eyes. Since one color is being sold for only Rp 125k, I didn't think anymore and picked two shades. I wanted to buy more, but I stopped my mind by targeting their lip product. Moreover, I wanted to try the other Japanese dept store brand these days, including Shiseido Maquillage, Kanebo Lunasol, Etvos, or ADDICTION.

Jewel-like simple packaging.

The texture is glittery, sheer, powdery. The case is sold separately. But I didn't ask about case price at the counter. I don't need a case anyway, because I don't use it for touch-up. Even though it is glittery, the fallout is very minimum so I like it very much. And it stays for a long time on dry skin for a day out work.

Swatch for both color. Left : green, right : blue.


The blue eyeshadow reminds me of the sky. I often found this color on a Japanese models / actresses, especially for 30-40s ladies. Don't get me wrong, it's not because my preferrence is old. But because this color is very elegant & sophisticate, giving me the urge to try.

There is nothing different in texture with the green color. It is very glittery and sheer. It can be erased easily on hand by water, but it stays for long on eyelid and doesn't smudge. Don't think it is the same as Laneige Two Tone Shadow Bar. This item is very good and has long staying power. As I've wrote, minimum fallout which is very great!

If used above a brown matte eyeshadow, like this Bbia Shade & Shadow #09, the blue becomes a muted soft blue. Giving a mysterious look, right? The glitter is also minimalized by the matte eyeshadow.

Mysterious blue, isn't it? It becomes matte from glittery even though I put it on top of the matte shadow.


 Green color looks like a soft emerald shade. It is definitely softer than the blue, but it gives a good point color, especially if used along with eyeliner. You don't have to blend well, since the color can show out beautifully.

Either blue nor green is great to be used alone. This green shadow is sparkling like a soda. Same texture as BL910. Powdery but not too dry, long staying power, and perfect for mature ladies. Sometimes, if I want a more natural look, I will choose the green because it is not as showy as the blue.

Using the picture's side : left blue, right green. The green is obviously sheer-er and more natural. Swatched by finger.

Using all colors, blended. The green is on the outer corner for upper & 1/3 below eyes.

Softer light for both color as a gradation.

Indoor lighting

Outdoor lighting

+ Long staying power.
+ Beautiful color preferences. I really love the blue and green from this line.
+ Sheer, but very glittery & sparkling, suitable for party / mature office look.
+ Even though it has many glitters, if used on top of matte shadow, it won't be that much. Can be controlled.
+ Doesn't have too many fallout.
+ Because it is sheer, it is not too showy and can create very natural look.
+ Pretty to be used alone or on top of matte eyeshadow to create party look.
+ It is expensive for a single eyeshadow, but not as a dept store brand.
- Maybe not suitable for people who like matte shadow or too much glitter. Because this type is all about glitter!

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