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Winter 2017 Japanese Dorama

I didn't review any dorama the past fall 2016 since it's usually full of K-drama. Not that the K-drama is bad. But all of them has decent storyline, some weird scenario that doesn't make sense, typical drama about magic that I usually found in old manga, and obvious ending. Even though Goblin is good at first 10 episodes, it becomes a typical drama by half of it. And some scene that doesn't make sense, or doesn't conclude a few things. Legend of the Blue Sea seems funny at first. But it becomes boring. All of them have typical good ending dramas.

Now that fall 2016 had closed, winter doramas woke up! I had wrote my first impression after watching episode 1 in my livejournal here. But after coming to episode 4-5, my impression changed. It is supposed to be winter 2016, but since the 1st ep came out in 2017, I chose to list it on 2017 year.

01. Tokyo Tarareba Musume 東京タラレバ娘

It's from a josei manga, or so I believe. Because it has typical josei structure, single and working woman with problems, decent amount of sex scenario, and her dreams. I think from winter doramas I'm watching now, this has the most comedies. Although not explicit, you can laugh at the heroine's attitude.

Kamata Rinko (30) wrote for drama scenario. She's not popular but thought she had done her best. Too bad she doesn't have boyfriend and her hobby is gossiping and cursing on her life with her two bestfriends, who also are single. Suddenly, a blonde hair man came in her life, telling her not to say "as if" too much and called her and her friends as "as if women". Being told like that, Rinko came up to do her best and not to be laughed by the younger man, Key, who is a model.

While she had problems with Key, Yamakawa Kaori and Torii Koyuki also had problems with man. Kaori is being confused by her ex-boyfriend, Sameshima Ryo, who has a popular band. He already got a new model girlfriend, but said is more satisfied by being with Kaori. Meanwhile, Koyuki likes a married man, Marui Yoshio.

What came in a complex is when Key said he had already married a woman. But she had died from illness right now. What will Rinko chose? I don't think it will have a decent happy ending. But I never read the manga so I don't know. Their problems are too hard to be solved. But let's watch it until the end. It is mostly an everyday life mature woman's story. You can find some similarities to your own life by watching it. And it's fun to have Rinko as your friend! Anyway, the guest actor of Rinko's boyfriend in episode 4-6 is the popular Hayami Mokomichi!! And sorry. I only know Eikura Nana as a well-known actress in this dorama after Hayami. But I like Koyuki's actress from AKB48 too for her cool acting. Watching it on Sony GEM channel.

02. Shikaku Tantei Higurashi Tabito 視覚探偵 日暮旅人

I had watched its one special episode and was very attracted by how Tabito is mysterious. But too bad it only got one hour episode. After watching it, I read the manga. But it became too boring and the translator left it unfinished until the latest chapter. Though I could translate it, my real life work kept me away from translating too many mangas! Forgive me, Tabito's fans. And thinking the manga is too slow, I can't stand reading that too. It is taken from a novel, in original. In manga, Yukiji is way cooler than here.

Higurashi Tabito is a private detective. He opens an office together with Yukiji Masahiko and his not-related-by-blood child, Momoshiro Tei. Tabito's senses can't be used except for his eyes. But he has one speciality, to see the emotions from people as abstract objects.

Tei's teacher in school, Yamakawa Youko, involved with Tabito after a case. But she doesn't know that she is related with Tabito since child. They're from the same kindergarten, where Tabito had a cruel accident. His parents died and he was kidnapped until he lose his senses.

It was connected to drugs, Yukiji's father who is a mafia, and Youko. Will Tabito avenge his parents, or will he died from using his special eyes? Let's watch it on GEM too ^ ^

My impression is, the first two episodes are boring. But after Tabito met Yukiji's brother, it became faster than the manga. I think the dorama is way cooler than its manga. So be sure to watch it first before reading or you'll find the manga very boring and can't understand any of it. In manga, Tabito doesn't use eyedrops that makes his eyecolor changed to blue. And in manga, Higurashi doesn't have weird personality like some autism child. He is a cool and cold man. I watched Tabe Mikako in Boku no Ita Jikan, while I have watched more of Matsuzaka Tori in Siren and Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu.

03. Totsuzen Desu ga, Ashita Kekkon-shimasu 突然ですが、明日結婚します

It's also from a josei manga. Totsuzen desu ga, ashita kekkon-shimasu is a getsu9 dorama, which is very popular. The artist that acted in getsu9 dorama usually is a chosen one, which will get popular from it. That's why, when I found that Kagimoto Akira, my favorite singer/actor from Lead is acting in this dorama even though not as a main lead, I'm very happy. Oh yeah, I also read the manga and still continues until I write this review.

Takanashi Asuka is a good female employee at her office. But her boyfriend dumped her. Even though her dream is to get married and be a fulltime housewife, she doesn't have a man in her life right now. By some accident, she met a news announcer, Nanami Ryu. He hates marriage but he likes Asuka's strong personality and justice.

Too bad after confessing to her, Asuka refused to have a relationship with someone who doesn't want to get married. But even though Asuka lied of her feelings, she couldn't anymore. She approved to like NanaRyu in a short moment, especially after her parents took NanaRyu to their house (this scene is never done in manga, NanaRyu doesn't even know Asuka's family except her brother).

The fact is, Asuka's relation from her office needs her to be his wife because she have all the criterias. He is Kamiya Akihito, the popular businessman. A bit narcistic (in manga, he is a normal guy), clever, and mysterious. He pretends to be Asuka's boyfriend while NanaRyu is doing a street interview. Of course it makes NanaRyu jealous of them, most of it is because he can't expose to have a girlfriend as a popular announcer.

Meanwhile, Asuka now knows that Sakuragi Yuuko, a famous actress, is NanaRyu's ex-girlfriend. But NanaRyu said he already came over Yuuko because he was just Yuuko's runaway man. Yuuko had a cheating husband and she needed a man on her side. She used NanaRyu, and their relationship is the reason NanaRyu is transferred to foreign branch for years.

Although NanaRyu said he doesn't have feelings for Yuuko anymore, he went to Yuuko's place after she called him. Asuka is jealous and angry at NanaRyu. But she supressed her feelings and they reunited on Valentine.

What will happen to these two's relationship? Will they get married? In manga, NanaRyu chose to go to America again to polish his career. Asuka has already accepted it. They still become lovers, but getting separated. I think the manga is near its climax soon. But NanaRyu's selfish path is way rude for someone as faithful as Asuka. He had bad experience by Yuuko's scheme, but he's rude to Asuka. He left her without any proof. At least he should've married Asuka before going to America!

I can't get over their romantic back-hug

Meanwhile, Akira only appeared in several scenes. Most of times without dialogue ^o^!

This is the first time I watched all of the actors' acting, except Akira. But I fell in love with Nishiuchi Mariya and Yamamura Ryuta's couple. They really suit each other, hope in real life too... Dreaming. Ryuta's acting is stiff, similar to Furukawa Yuki, even his face too. I hope he's getting better.

04. Seirei no Moribito II Kanashiki Hakai Shin 精霊の守り人II 悲しき破壊神

This is the strongest dorama this season. I have watched the first season, 4 episodes in total. But it was boring. Chagum can't do anything and story is lacking surprise moment. But season 2 which has 9 episodes is much cooler! Fighting scene, BGM, special effect, storyline, acting. This dorama have it all. It is made from a novel and has made to anime, but I don't watch it. I'd prefer the dorama better than its anime's drawing.

The story takes place in a female bodyguard's life, Balsa. After she saved prince Chagum from his father who wanted to kill him because of water spirit inside his body, Balsa met a girl and her older brother, Asura and Chikisa. Asura has a deadful power to kill everyone near her, because her mother puts her to take the power of killing people from their ancestor.

While Balsa is protecting Asura, Chagum, who is older by 4 years now, has his own battle. He needs to save his people from war. But his father doesn't help anything. Chagum's grandfather from his mother is dead to protect their ship. So Chagum must try his best to rescue his army from the enemies.

Dean Fujioka is acting as the second prince Ihan, from another country. His king is a good person, but their aristocrats are bad. They just want to take advantage of the coming war. Ihan is supposed to continue his brother's will and protect his country.

You'll know her if you're a SKII fans. She appears in SKII video.

Balsa is separated with Tanda and Chikisa. She is now travelling with Asura to help the kid become normal again. And to save her from people who are wishing to kill Asura because of her dangerous power. It won't take long before she meet Tanda and Chikisa, and their killer, Shihana and Sufaru.

A few flashbacks of Balsa's childhood.

The story becomes very complex now with many characters involved. I'm glad Higashide Masahiro is still there as Tanda. And old characters involved in the 2nd season. I and my sister had thought of dropping the series after finished watching 1st season. But as we tried the second season 1st ep, we were drawn by the story again. Be sure to try watching it. It is NHK's best drama for years. I'm very amazed with the actors and the team who made this dorama. It is full of popular actor like Ayase Haruka, Higashide Masahiro, Maki Youko, Dean Fujioka, Kora Kengo, Suzuki Ryohei, Fujiwara Tatsuya, Kimura Fumino, and Hayashi Kento.

Don't worry. The SE is enormouse! You don't feel like you're watching a drama, but a movie! It is well made and the environment, the people is living inside this dorama.

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