Sunday, November 20, 2016

Etude House Lash Perm Curl Fix Mascara #Brown

After a long time had been wishing to try brown mascara, I finally set my eyes on Etude House. It is easy to find, unlike Japanese brand. Brown mascara will give more natural look since it doesn't give too bold of an impact. Lash Perm Curl Fix Mascara is dedicated to volumizing and curling lashes. Despite I'd prefer long effect mascara, I didn't have a choice since brown mascara tend to be a volume type.

As the picture described, there are four colors : black, brown, burgundy, and pink. I'm not a fan of color mascara, but brown is a common natural color. And it picked my interest since a few years ago. As for burgundy and pink, I don't know when I'll be able to use it so definitely pass.

Etude's old mascara, the 3 Step, is a so-so mascara. It looks natural but easy to get clumpy. Actually, I was afraid this Lash Perm Curl Fix would be the same. And I was right.

I think most of mascara's packaging is black. I don't mind with this. But the tube is quite chubby and almost doesn't fit in my shelf.

The wand is named as jelly brush. The short brushes is meant to be applied first, then continue with the longer brushes. This application is similar to KATE Black Feather Lash mascara. After looking at the wand with so much liquid in it, I was afraid the texture would be too watery. But it's not. It is dry but easily gets clumpy, very similar with my KATE. The way of using it is by not brushing too much or it will be messy. The brown color leans toward black on my lashes, not red. So it is quite natural.

Left : using mascara. It is not as curling as I thought, but still creates longer lashes. Of course with more than 3 times application, it is messy.

I can't stand smelling the tube. It is a strong chemically smell. But once applied and dry, it doesn't leave anything. But I must say, the texture and application are the same with KATE Black Feather Lash. It can be clumpy after many swatches. Of course hard to remove. But using Bifesta Cleansing Lotion, I can remove all of it after a few picking. A normal mascara. I bought it since it have brown color. But the application tends to be messy. Some people might like clumpy mascara, but I don't. I like natural mascara with lenghtening result and clean finish. But I like to use it on my lower lashes. It lenghten my lower lashes easily.

I've decided to use it only on special occasions, like going to a party or when I want my lashes to have natural color. But I don't like to wear it daily as it is hard to removed. The mascara creates an intense eyes feeling, although it is brown. Creating stronger/fiercing looking eyes because it really volumizing my lashes.

+ The brown color looks natural on eyelashes, though it's softer than black.
+ Cheaper than my KATE Black Feather Lash.
+ Volumizing lashes perfectly.
+ It is also lenghtening lashes. Very good for lower lashes too.
+ The tube is big. I think it will last long. Though mascara is easy to get dry after 6 months.
+ The wand is long, easy to hold.
- Clumpy after many swatches.
- The smell is annoying.
- The wand is too long so it is not comfortable to use.

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