Saturday, November 12, 2016

Etude House Dear My Enamel Lips-talk #PK004 Jumbled Pink

Have I said I'm disappointed at Dear My Wish Lips-talk series? Long time ago, I owned BE101 & OR204. I dislike OR204 because it created patchy lips, while BE101 is too creamy and heavy for my preference. I hated Etude's brand a few years back, especially for the lipstick (except the Princess Etoinette Crystal Shine Lips #PBE102 Moon Flower) and powder (which gave me breakout). But I heard good reviews for Enamel series, which was launched for Etude's 10th anniversary. I tried buying one to try whether the brand have improvement or not.

I bought this together with re-stock of Moistfull Collagen Cream and Lash Perm Curl Fix Mascara #Brown. But I'll write about lipstick first since I like it so much rather than the mascara.

The upper left picture is shade PK001, and the upper right is PK002. Sorry, got cut.

My order. I won't review about Moistfull Collagen Cream anymore. I had one for last year's Christmas edition too, which already empty.

Dear My Enamel Lips-talk has slimmer tube than Dear My Wish. But overall, the two of them weight about the same. The Enamel's casing is velvety and covered in soft pink color. It has red ribbon in the middle to differentiate between top and lower part.

In the dark place, the lipstick's color becomes warm coral. But in lighter place, it has pink hint more.

The lipstick bullet is creamy, but not as melting as Dear My Wish Lips-talk in BE101. It is more similar to Innisfree Creammellow Lipstick. I'm glad since I like that type of lipstick more. It is similar to most Japanese lipstick type. Glossy, fitting, and not too vivid. When applied, it has the scent of sweet fruits candy, a very soft scent. This type of lipstick is best to apply in tapping motion, not sliding to prevent visible particles.

Swatches on tissue and hand.

Applying on lips. It doesn't create flaky lips. I love the color because it can be used everyday. It can be build up more to bold pink coral. But I'd prefer 2-3 swipes at most.

Overall, Etude House has improved their lipstick formula. I hope they can keep up with this because I like the texture more than the old Dear My Wish series. But be careful. Because the texture is creamy, it will melt in hot temperature, same as Innisfree Creammellow. But at least, the bullet seems sturdy and won't break like Canmake Creamy Touch Rouge.

Depending on light, this lipstick color can be around coral pink or pink. Still a warm pink tone that is beautiful for everyday look. I like to use it a lot!

+ Has gentle sweet scent like cherry candy or so.
+ Moisturizing lips.
+ Doesn't create flakes, except if applied on wet lips by sliding.
+ Cheap. I got it only in Rp 105k.
+ Suitable for everyday look.
+ Pretty packaging that's not bulky.
+ Long lasting if not being rubbed or eat some food with oil/fried. But not tinted.
- Limited edition.
- Only 10 shades available.

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