Monday, November 7, 2016

Canmake Lip Tint Syrup #02 Strawberry Syrup

I like Lip Tint Syrup series after I bought the Sakura Syrup last year. The tint is not like Korean lip tint. Japanese lip tint usually comes with more oil than water. It makes the tint doesn't last long compared to Korean. But the color won't be bold for everyday look. I do have likes and dislikes for both version so I can't choose between Japanese or Korean lip tints. But either way, I do have favorite for both. I bought the Strawberry Syrup to try a bold color lip tint (other than KATE Color Sensor Lip Tint in RS-1).

There are 4 shades of Lip Tint Syrup right now. The picture below will explain of the color variations:

Left to right : Sakura Syrup, Strawberry Syrup, Azalea Syrup, Poppy Syrup.

This year, Canmake produced a Lip Tint Jam. This is like a better vivid version from Lip Tint Syrup. But I saw the texture is about the same. Just that, the color looks bolder than the old version.

No.3 is limited.

Video about Lip Tint Jam by Ray magazine model, Nishikawa Mizuki or Mizukitty:

I sincerely will prefer the Lip Tint Syrup better than Lip Tint Jam, if it's more vivid. For Japanese version of lip tint, I'll stay with safe color. The Strawberry Syrup color is a blue undertone red. But it's also a safe red for warm tone. It is slightly goes on pink side if applied thinly.

The texture is about the same as the other Japanese lip tint. It doesn't stay for too long. But if I don't rub it with water or eating, the color will gives stained lips. Later, the oil texture will disappear, leaving a fitting tint. But I still think it gives glossy finish even though the oil has disappeared.

Overall, this is the easist Japanese lip tint I can get in my country. I can't buy KATE's product too often because it doesn't get sold here. Canmake's lip tint will be my favorite. Despite the easiest to find, it is also lighter than KATE. Even though it seems that the size is very small, I still have Sakura Syrup until now. Surprisingly, it lasts a long time because I changed my lip product almost everyday. Later, I will try the third color, Azalea Syrup after Sakura Syrup is finished. Too bad Poppy Syrup hasn't gotten here yet.

On this picture, I used The Face Shop Lovely Me: Ex My Lips Eat Cherry Aqua Tint #02 topped with Canmake Lip Tint Syrup #02. Doesn't have much differences but it's more vivid like this.

+ Gives longer staying power than lipgloss.
+ Small size but it lasts long because the tinted texture doesn't need to re-apply many times.
+ The Strawberry Syrup color can last longer on lips than Sakura Syrup.
+ Doesn't have taste & scent.
+ Has glossy finish.
+ The applicator brush is very soft & flexible.
+ Color can be build up to more vivid after 2-3 swatches.
+ Moisturized lips well.
+ Doesn't look clumpy / dry.
+ A light liptint, lighter than wearing a lipgloss.
- Some people might find it expensive for a small size lip tint.

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